Nostalgia Trip – Revisiting Classic Pakistani TV Shows

Pakistani television has a rich history of producing timeless dramas that have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers. Among the plethora of remarkable shows, a few classics stand out as true gems, even today, exemplifying the golden era of Pakistani television. A few, one of the very bests included ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’, ‘Dhoop Kinaray,’ ‘Dastaan,’ ‘Tanhayian,’ and ‘Dhuwaan’, in no particular order. Let’s dig deep and explore the very many reasons behind the enduring popularity and the impact these dramas have had on the audience, not only in the past but even today as well.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Released in 1998, ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ was a military drama that followed the lives of three friends – Faraz, Kashif, and Gulsher – as they navigated the challenges and camaraderie of the Pakistan Army. Written and directed by Shoaib Mansoor, the series not only provided a glimpse into the lives of soldiers but also showcased the complexities of friendship, love, and duty, making the audience see the real lives and face of our soldiers who are otherwise fortresses of strength. The authenticity of military life portrayed in the drama, combined with the stellar performances of the cast, made ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ a classic that continues to be revered by audiences.

Dhoop Kinaray

Airing in the 1980s, ‘Dhoop Kinaray’ was a medical drama that revolved around the lives of doctors and nurses working in a hospital. Written by Haseena Moin and directed by Sahira Kazmi, the show was celebrated for its realistic portrayal of the medical profession and the emotional challenges faced by healthcare professionals. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ came way later, it was ‘Dhoop Kinaray’ for us, first. Starring Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi in lead roles, ‘Dhoop Kinaray’ remains a timeless classic, remembered for its engaging storytelling and memorable characters.


‘Dastaan,’ based on Razia Butt’s novel “Bano,” was a period drama set against the backdrop of the partition of British India in 1947. Airing in 2010, the series explored the harrowing experiences of individuals and families affected by the partition. With a stellar cast including Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch, ‘Dastaan‘ received widespread acclaim for its powerful narrative, emotional depth, and historical accuracy. The drama succeeded in bringing the tragic tales of the partition to a new generation, fostering a deeper understanding of the country’s history. Before Fawad Khan became Asher, he was our beloved Hassan for Sanam Baloch’s Bano in ‘ Dastaan’.


Airing in 1985, ‘Tanhayian’ is a family drama written by Haseena Moin and directed by Shehzad Khalil. The series revolves around the lives of sisters, played by Marina Khan, Shehnaz Sheikh, and Asif Raza Mir. ‘Tanhayian’ is celebrated for its strong character development, realistic portrayal of familial relationships, and its exploration of love, loss, and resilience. The memorable performances and soul-stirring soundtrack have contributed to its enduring popularity.


‘Dhuwaan,’ aired in 1994, was a gripping thriller that revolved around the pursuit of justice. Written by Ashfaq Ahmed and directed by Sajjad Ahmed, the series follows the story of a man seeking to avenge the murder of his family. With powerful performances by Nauman Ijaz, Nadia Jamil, and others, ‘Dhuwaan’ captivated audiences with its intense storyline, moral dilemmas, and suspenseful plot twists.

The Final Word

Pakistani classic dramas, including but not limited to, ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’, ‘Dhoop Kinaray,’ ‘Dastaan,’ ‘Tanhayian,’ and ‘Dhuwaan’ have not only stood the test of time but have also become an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage. Their compelling narratives, memorable characters, and exceptional performances continue to resonate with viewers, making them an essential part of Pakistan’s television legacy. As we look back at these timeless masterpieces, we appreciate the artistry and storytelling prowess that have shaped the landscape of Pakistani television.


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