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Amid Boycott Joyland’s Future Remains Uncertain

Joyland, directed by Saim Sadiq, was Pakistan's submission to the Best International Feature category at the Academy Awards, however, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has now banned it, overturning a previous decision to...

An Outlook Into 5 The Parenting Lessons Offered In ‘Pinjra’

 ARY Digital's drama ‘Pinjra; is a heartbreaking tale of child abuse and neglect. It's a story that offers multiple lessons to parents by showing two contrasting households, one described as a free place for...

What ‘Daraar’ Teaches Us About Unfaithful Partners

Cheating has become a common act in the current world. In a monogamous relationship, seeking out multiple partners is considered a disrespectful stab behind your partner's back. It's a problematic approach that negatively impacts...

Yumna Zaidi Spills Details On The Struggles Of Becoming ‘Bakhtawar’

From her debut as a supporting actor in ‘Thakan’ to becoming a recipient of three Lux Style Awards, Yumna Zaidi is currently one of the top performers in Pakistan. Her choice in selecting roles...

Review: ‘Agar’ Portrays The Tragic Reality Of Women In Our Society

The current drama industry is a cluster of redundant stories based on love, betrayal, and loss. The majority of the narratives entailing women submerge their identity in infatuations and marriage with men. It appears...
Money Bank Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Trailer: Chaotic Yet Promising

The film industry in Pakistan is revving, and compelling new films are on the way. For almost two years, actors including Fawad Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar,Mirza Gohar Rasheed, and Ex-Cricketer Wasim Akran have been honing...

‘Pinjra’ Review: Narrative That Draws Attention Toward Toxic Parenting

From the hundreds of stories of dysfunctional households, ‘Pinjra’ focuses on the traumatizing impact of strict and harmful parenting. ARY Digital debuted a new drama 'Pinjra', a slow start which gradually transforms the entire...
Mere Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen’s Finale: A Bittersweet Resolution

An enjoyable finish or a bland conclusion? Netizens tediously discuss the last episode of ‘Meray Humnasheen’. Geo Television's ‘Meray Humnasheen’ aired its final episode on 1st October, sparking a conflicting controversy about the plot's...