Meray Humnasheen’s Finale: A Bittersweet Resolution

Mere Humnasheen
Mere Humnasheen

An enjoyable finish or a bland conclusion? Netizens tediously discuss the last episode of ‘Meray Humnasheen’. Geo Television’s ‘Meray Humnasheen’ aired its final episode on 1st October, sparking a conflicting controversy about the plot’s conclusion. Although many viewers are satisfied with the relationship between Hadi and Khajista, others expressed predictability with the ending, terming it as ‘boring.’

Nonetheless, the drama is deemed one of the best produced in 2022, attaining a 9 IMDB rating. The brilliant series stars Ahsan Khan, Meher Bano, Hiba Bukhari, Shahzad Sheikh, Syed Jibran, Haris Waheed and Moomal Khalid. It is directed by Ali Faizan and written by Misbah Ali Syed.


With an intriguing narrative, the drama stems deep into the Pushtoon culture by navigating their traditions and highlighting the society that makes them history’s warriors. A passionate young girl, Khajista strives to become a doctor, challenging all the conventional norms in her path.

In her journey to success, she becomes entangled with the lives of Hadi and Shanzay. The narrative unfolds a travesty between tribes, and Darakhzai, Khajista’s finance, changes himself to earn her heart and the audience’s as well.

However, since Darakhzai’s sudden death in the second last episode, most fans were left stunned by the plot twist and awaited the ending even more. Considering the overwhelming response of viewers, here’s a lowdown of the best and worst of ‘Meray Humnasheen’ and its end.

The Positives

The characters possess a certain uniqueness to their attributes, similar to the plot; it’s not ‘basic’ and relatively rare to see such productions exploring different cultures. Showing diverse traditions on television that are not common brings a new set of ideas, stories, and characters to the television screen.

The actors have outdone themselves with the performances too. Ahsan Khan has garnered a massive appeal to the viewers with his charming looks and playful dialogues while interacting with Khajista. Hence, he is primarily a fan favourite in this drama, followed by the main leads such as Hiba Bukhari and Shahzad Sheikh.

The mainstream love triangle always takes the big piece of cake, and this serial instils the oldest trick in the book. As long as the characters are different and exciting, a moderate triangle can churn out the story even more, and that’s what happened here.

The Stereotypical Debate

Unfortunately, the first controversy of the drama also initiated from the choice of representation in the drama. Ahsan Khan’s character, although deeply appreciated, is still criticized for his wrong depiction of a Pushtoon accent. Hiba Bukhari is similarly called out for her style of speaking too.

Other than accent, many people criticise the stereotypical display of Pushtoon men as aggressive and angry men with no control, clearly suggesting a mockery of the genuine culture they are attempting to appeal to.

In response to this criticism, the director Ali Faizan has defended the drama’s portrayal of a Pushtoon accent, reminding people that the drama entails multiple tribes and areas, therefore implying that the varying accent is not a grave issue.

Balanced Appeal

Coming to the final episode, the ending is undoubtedly a satisfying conclusion to the story. It appeals to the majority of viewers and brings Khajistah and Hadi together as a couple. However, it leaves the episode with no surprises or unpredictability.

The episode is quite crisp, leaving no lingering storylines untendered and wrapping up the plot smoothly. Yet, viewers are still mourning the loss of their beloved character Darakhzai and perhaps the ending was too soon for many of them, leaving no space for accepting his death.

Many viewers also wished to see Darakhzai back in the finale, believing he might still be alive, yet the drama concludes otherwise. The second last episode is simply the calm before the storm. Deliberately, the drama ended on a lighter note, giving it a balanced appeal.


‘Meray Humnasheen’ is a drama miles apart from the repetitive storylines viewers see daily. It is a brilliant narrative that has captured the life of multiple characters exceptionally well. The finale also proves how well-thought-out the story truly is and can inspire others to bring more cultures to the camera as well.

Amidst all the stale storylines, the series’s conclusion still shows an alternate side to the stereotypes associated with the Pushtoon culture. It reveals strong, powerful, and independent women residing in a land built to overshadow their strengths, a plot few have the bravery to pull through successfully.


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