Video of the day: Ali Kapadia and Veena Malik(14th May)

Galaxy Lollywood from today will daily put up a new and unique video for all of you to see.The video could be an old classic song, some new films trailer, something spicy or something fun, but always something related to lollywood. So here is the first edition and todays bonus is two videos:)





1.Ali Kapadia’s Peace Film Pitch
What GL says:Amazing concept, and no doubt once this film is done, it would be absolutely big!! Help this guy if you can, could prove to be one of the awesome(st) films of Pakistan 🙂



2. Veena Malik Sexy Live Dance Performance!
What GL says: Well its Veena Malik! You all love to hate her but also love to see her so enjoy.



  1. bari he besuri lag rahi hai ye veena malik is liye nahi k ye india mein hai jahan b hoti hai besuri he lagti hai kafi begherat hai ye. but mind it veena malik ur down falling is start. u can.t survive mind it


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