Prayers for Malala held in Evernew Studio

On the eve of this last Monday (15th October), a prayer session with candles was held in Evernew Studio, Lahore for the young female activist for education in Swat, Malala Yousafzai.

Arranged by Film Producers’ Association and Cinema Management Association, the event was attended by many known personalities of the industry, including film director and the
newly elected ‘Chairman Film Producer’s Association’, Sayed Noor, actress Saima, Resham, Chowdhry Ejaz Kamran, Safdar Malik, Nadeem Baig, Shaan, Arbaz Khan, Asif Khan, Rambo, Sahiba, Naghma Begum, Bahaar Begum, film director Aslam Daar, Hasan Askari, Parwaiz Rana, Jamshaid Naqvi, and Chairman Cinema Management Association Qaisar Sanaullah, and many others.

The teenage activist has become an icon regarding the birth right of education for females and is been making efforts against all odds. The 14 year Malala was shot in head earlier this month by Taliban when returning home from her school. Her health and treatment is the hottest issue on TV channels and she is the centre of discussion in political and public circles these days.

On the occasion, participants paid homage to Malala for her remarkable efforts for female education in the country and peace in Swat valley, expressed their grief on the brutal attack on her and two other class fellows, and condemned the elements involved. They showed their concern over the issue and proved that they’re equally worried about her life and health.

Film industry, studios, cinemas and other relevant people have always been standing with the nation in any kind of hard times like war, earthquake, flood, or any other matter of national importance. They expressed solidarity with Malala and other effectees the same way.

The employees of Evernew Studio and people were also present at the occasion. At the end, Dua for the early recovery of Malala and her class fellows was performed and candles were lit up.


  1. It is a good article written by Husne Takhleeq and I have no doubt in saying that the writer will serve a great purpose in the future as we need such people espacially when all around we see and hear is ugly. Such are the people who add color to life and are the light in the jet darkness of frustration. Both Malala and the writer are serving the same purpose, Spreading light as long as it can reach.

  2. Dear Muhammad Akmal,

    Your comment really serve as oxygene for me. I pray to Allah Almigthy to make me like you mentioned as a light bearer. May Allah finish all the ordeals we are facing sooner. Ameen.
    Do read my next articles on this very site.


    Husne Takhleeq


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