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A new wave of remakes: It’s Waheed Murad’s ‘Doraha’ now

It will be a new Doraha as far as the cast, director’s skills and approach, performance, creativity, production value, scene dynamics, background scores and other variables are concerned. (Read More)

Ishq Khuda represents Pakistan at Punjabi International Film Festival 2013

Though Pakistan previously has been represented on different international film occasions and festivals, but this was the first ever representation of the country at this hardly two year old Punjabi film festival. (Read More)

Pakistan Film Industry: Tumours helding it back

There was a time when our movies were a big source of entertainment and our cinemas used to make silver and golden jubilees. The decades of 50s, 60s, and 70s were the most successful ones the history of Pakistani Cinema has ever recorded. Even the 80s, wasn’t that bad, especially the former half of it. (Read More)

Kaptaan’s Theatrical Trailer: A good effort on whole, Rizwana Sheikh reviews

With 3:45 minutes in duration, the theatrical trailer includes scenes of common people carrying the flags of Imran’s political party (Tehreek-e-Insaaf) attending a public gathering, close ups of depressed faces, poor lot, last minute clips of cricket world cup 1992 (Read More)

Pakistan Fashion Industry’s Love for Bollywood

the actual concerning point is that our fashion celebrities are so much impressed and awe-inspired by the Indian productions that they could not only spare time for a 3-hour show but also got to be much exited regarding the event. Their after-show comments to media were a clear evidence. (Read More)

Remembering Waheed Murad; Pakistan’s very own ‘Chocolate Hero’

It was way back in 1962 when cine-goers were introduced to a new face in S.M Yousuf directed Urdu film Aulaad. Though he wasn't the male lead in the film but his performance in...

Film actress Laila and controversies: Here’s a new one!

“Film actress Laila to marry Jahangir Badar’s son….” This was obviously unexpected news to many of us and has been the highlight of the ‘entertainment section’ of numerous newspapers and TV channels since last week....

Wait, wait, wait and wait a little more!

These movies are on constant delays because of some having incomplete shoots or post production, some facing technical and financial problems to give final touch to the movie, and some are taking the cover of unstable law and order situation in the country. But whatsoever the reasons are, this tiresome and never-ending wait is now getting the viewers disappointed.

Mud House & The Golden Doll all set to release this November

Soniya, has been a victim of sexual abuse and lust of men around and denied the innocence and childhood in early age just because of poverty and orphanage. She becomes a close friend of Pasha. The story takes a turn when this innocent relationship is considered immoral and wrong and they start doing every effort to stop this "illegitimate bondage".

Prayers for Malala held in Evernew Studio

On the eve of this last Monday (15th October), a prayer session with candles was held in Evernew Studio, Lahore for the young female activist for education in Swat, Malala Yousafzai. Arranged by Film Producers’...