Mud House & The Golden Doll all set to release this November

So, finally the much awaited film Mud House and the Golden Doll is going to hit cinemas this November. The news arrived as veteran theatre actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi; who by the way is also making his directorial and film acting debut through the movie, recently updated his Facebook status regarding the screening dates and the cinema details.

Here is how it goes:

Alright guys….here is the big news! Mud House and The Golden Doll is going to be released on November 2nd, 2012. It will be screened THE ARENA in Islamabad first, and then other cities. So make sure you’re there at The Arena on Friday 2nd of November , Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th !…..

Later on he posted more details regarding the ticket booking and the venue:

Tickets for “Mud House & The Golden Doll” and “Gol Chakkar” will be available on 28th October 2012, at The Arena. Seats are limited, so please get it asap :-)…..1st show on 2nd November (Red Carpet), 2nd show on 3rd November and 3rd show on 4th November at THE ARENA, Bahria Town, Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

The feature length Mud House and the Golden Doll, representing parallel cinema in Pakistan, is based on tabooed topics of the society which are very much there in our everyday lives but considered forbidden to talk about.

Hamza has himself played the male lead role, Pasha, who is dumb and a ‘Malang’ type of a person. A young teenage girl, Soniya, has been a victim of sexual abuse and lust of men around and denied the innocence and childhood in early age just because of poverty and orphanage. She becomes a close friend of Pasha. The story takes a turn when this innocent relationship is considered immoral and wrong and they start doing every effort to stop this “illegitimate bondage”.

The little girl, Soniya is brilliantly played (as per the already released visuals of the movie) by the new child star, Tajwar Raza, and later on by Mahwish Hayat in adult role. Fauzia Mahmood and Ottoman Khan will be seen as Soniya’s parents.

Hamza conducted a private screening for the film few months back and managed to gather many praises from the fellow actors and industry gurus. The location and cinematography were appreciated a lot while the TV actor Ayesha Khan praised the production aesthetics of the film.

Such films are surely a ray of hope and a good source of relief to this critical and crisis era on Pakistan Film Industry, especially, when the standard and number of films is quite low and the overall state is rather worrisome.

According to Hamza Ali Abbasi, film makers don’t need money but conviction. And he is very true as only the convicted, devoted and passionate directors, technicians, and artists can save the cinema industry. So as Hamza Ali Abbasi says, gear up yourself and make sure you are there at Arena in Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi to watch this film.

Final editing by: Muhammad Aayan Mirza


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