Film actress Laila and controversies: Here’s a new one!

“Film actress Laila to marry Jahangir Badar’s son….” This was obviously unexpected news to many of us and has been the highlight of the ‘entertainment section’ of numerous newspapers and TV channels since last week. ‘Oh God, Not again!’ would have been the reaction of those who already had enough of the daily disasters of Meera and Veena Malik and felt that such an act serves no purpose except damaging the almost extinct image of Pakistan film industry.

The news goes somewhat like this, Film actress Laila; who is trying hard to get on the TV and silver screen back these days, stated that Jahangir Badar wanted to marry his son to her. The PPP senator Jahangir Badar along with his son was doing a press conference regarding the launch of a hotel where Laila, all of a sudden showed up (some say she was invited there too), and tried to shake hand with him but the senator avoided doing so. Instead, his son shook hands with the actress passionately. On this; either to escape the embarrassment or signaling the backside story to media, she said ‘our people don’t shake hand with their daughter-in-law to be.’ This news was heard with interest in both political and film circles and has been reported excessively since then.

Although a separate report suggests that the senator has denied anything regarding his wish  of Laila becoming his daughter in law and the official representatives of Jahangir Badar accused the actress of damaging his image, but there is still a great amount of ambiguity in the matter that better be cleared soon.

This all led to another press conference last Saturday which was conducted by the industry seniors and representatives to condemn Laila’s act and brought an another twist to the whole drama. Madiha Shah, Durdana Rahman, Mrs. Shafqat Zahra (Meera’s mother—Laila had claimed the Meera and her family, especially her mother knew about the marriage proposal to her by senator’s son), and other industry stakeholders attended the press conference and stated that the recent show put up by Laila ‘was nothing but a mere cheap tactic to gain popularity.’ The press conference was basically held in connection to the revival of Pakistan film Industry but the focus soon shifted towards the news regarding Laila.

A rift between Meera and Laila can be found since the press conference and don’t forget the fact that both of them have remained sort of best buddies in the industry for a long time, in fact, Meera was even interested to make Laila the bride of his brother.

If we talk from Laila’s perspective, the only two parties who have any right to speak on the issue are; first, Laila herself and then Senator Jahangir Badar’s family. No one else has any right to interfere until and unless they are asked to do so. But one really important thing here is the clarity in whatever claims are made regarding anything, for which one expects Laila and Jahangir’s son to come out on media together and clear the matter out. Also, a formal way must be adopted if there is any truth in the news, so that no harm is done to the image of the industry.

No doubt, our actresses know very well how to make their presence felt and to be in news, but when these things finally come out as nothing but a cheap publicity stunt, it brings a bad name to the whole industry. People still remember Meera–Ateeq ul Rahman marriage fiasco. Then Veena Malik remained the centre of attention for her infamous photo shoot in India, not to forget about her link-ups with banned Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Asif and actor Babrik Shah. This seems all connected and looks like it is somehow a part of the basic training of all our actresses.

Politics and showbiz, people from both the fields have proved to be selfish and depart ways when their purpose is served. Let’s see how the wind blows and how this match comes out to be like—if there is really some truth in it.

Final Editing by: Muhammad Aayan Mirza



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