A new wave of remakes: It’s Waheed Murad’s ‘Doraha’ now


Tarang Houseful was definitely a concept that put Pakistan’s entertainment industry onto a new course. Six of Pakistan Film Industry’s best from the past were selected and remade into telefilms by giving them a 21st century touch. Was the idea a success or not, can be debated, but as we said earlier, it did show rest of the entertainment fraternity a new path.

Following the idea, Waheedi Art Productions has also jumped into the field and has announced the remake of Lollywood’s another oldie-goldie, Doraha, which starred none other than our very own chocolati hero Waheed Murad and his one of the most praised film partner, Shamim Ara.

Doraha was a super hit of its time and made silver jubilee on cinemas in late 1960s. Directed by the legend Parvaiz Malik, Its music was composed by Sohail Rana and the songs were voiced by Ahmad Rushdi, Mala Begum, and Mehdi Hassan, the poetry was of Masroor Anwer. “Haan isi morr par is jaga baith kar, Mujhay tum nazar say gira to rahay ho, Bhooli howi hoon dastan, Tumhen kaise bata doon were some of its hit melodies people remember even today.

According to press reports, remake will be done by director Suhail Kashmiri, and Producer Basheer Danawala. The actor Aadil Murad—Waheed Murad’s son—will perform the male lead.

From the plot to the whole environment and even the screenplay, a lot changed in the six-movie-remake done by Tarang Housefull. Let’s see what new Doraha will be like. But one thing is obviously very certain, ‘remakes can never be the same as the originals.’ It will be a new Doraha as far as the cast, director’s skills and approach, performance, creativity, production value, scene dynamics, background scores and other variables are concerned.  Still, hopes are high, and all we can do is wait and see how successfully Waheedi Art Productions manage to satisfy these hopes.


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