Video of the day (14th July): MHSA’s ‘Jera Vi’ is Catchy, Stylish and filmy. A welcome effort we say!

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi 6

What GL says: Ahh, it’s really been a while since we last heard a good catchy, filmy song coming from any of the recent past releases of Pakistan film industry. Something that would be desi, stylish and a little filmy, all at the same time. Released just today, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’s OST, Jera Vi, however, is a pleasant surprise to ears, that too coming from Lollywood’s upcoming Eid releases. We do realise it might not be the most slick thing you would have hoped for, but we would still call it a good effort. So kudos to MHSA team, and we now expect big from the other song releases of the film.

And oh yeah, we are also picking up the pulse that it’s the Mahnoor Baloch song of the movie you guys are waiting most anxiously for. Well, with this promotional phase on, we hope it’s coming out soon.

Here You go:

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