Meera’s sex video leaks and the drama unfolds…

By now, almost everyone with an internet connection knows , what our very own “Miss Meera Jee” has done . In case you were living in an igloo in Antarctica, the news is  that Meera has done the  unthinkable and has made and leaked her very own sex tape. Yes you read that right Sir!


Now with the sex tape online the biggest question is that did Meera actually leak the private video herself? In case you are wondering what if the video is doctored, who knows it might be fake and all? Well ,that is exactly what Meera is claiming, but one look at the video and you can quite clearly tell that the video is far from being doctored, and is pretty authentic.So the authenticity angle is out of the picture.

Now what forced me to write this article/post was  that can an actress in Pakistan be so desperate for some  fame that she would be willing to take such a drastic step? Would she be completely okay with people seeing and discussing  the very private  details of  her life just so that she can get some coverage? Well I’m perplexed by the entire situation as I don’t understand  what Meera thought she would get out of it. Yes Im taking it as a given that she leaked the video herself. Who else would do it!

Yes  Kim Kardashian’s career, or whatever you call it, may have all started because of a sex tape because that was America. Making a sex tape over there is not that out of the ordinary as it is here in Pakistan or even India for that matter. If Meera thought that such an act would make her an overnight star well I’m sory to break it to her that this will not happen! This  video will do nothing for her very dead career rather it will/has  humiliated her even more.











Some might claim that Meera was only following her contemporaries  Mathira and Veena Malik. Yes Veena  did a nude shoot, but she always maintained that it was not her. Moreover doing a shoot like hers is not that alien a concept in Bollywood as many hot shots have already done that. Also from a strategic point of view that shoot  did get her a whole lot of work . Following Veena’s suite and raising the bar higher by making a sex tape Meera probably thought that this would also do wonders for her  but sadly no such thing has happened or will happen. Which director in his right mind would want to cast Meera in his next film!

In conclusion,  Meera you will be the talking point for the next few days  but what after that? Soon this will become yesterdays news but your video will always be somewhere on the internet and people will always remember it. You will always be reminded of your video wherever you are. Was it all worth it Meera?

What do you all think. Do comment in the section bellow.



  1. All her endorsements should be taken from her. Her image is too corrupted for people to buy into anyway. She shouldn’t be allowed to perform in shows or be invited for interviews either. No doubt, Mathira’s tape will be downloading as we speak… Yuk


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