Jodi Makers – Sizzling Couples I Desire to Rock the World

Historically, films in Pakistan and India have largely been known and watched for on-screen chemistry and off-screen scandals of the ‘hero and heroine’ of the films. We have seen some new couples in recently released films and I personally wait eagerly for others in upcoming ones, but the films here are not generally publicized on the grounds of romantic relationships between the lead couples of the film, not anymore. The trend seems odd, of course, understandably cheasy to many eyes, but it can be a strong selling point for the on-rise new-wave cinema as it was in the past and still is in our neighboring country.

I can name some of the most cherished couples from the classic cinema to refresh our memory. If it has to start somewhere, it should be from Santosh Kumar and Sabiha Khanam, they were not only the love birds of films but were also a real life couple, one can undoubtedly call them the first romantic couple of Pakistani films. Then comes the unmatched and unforgettable jodi of Waheed Murad and Zeba, who won millions of hearts of people in South Asia. Although, their reel life happy ending could not be transformed into real life but they still are remembered as a perfectly matched ‘on screen’ couple.

The list is long and it goes on, but one thing is sure, romantic and comedy drama films have always been more liked in this region as compared to other genres. People anticipate who is pairing with whom and how their on screen magic is going to be a key factor behind success of the film.

I tried to make some sizzling and gorgeous pairs from the matrix of leading and promising hunks and divas of our industry. All of us, I think, would want them to rock the world and leave an everlasting impression with their on-screen chemistry and talent package.

1- Humayun Saeed & Reema Khan

01- Humayun Saeed and Reema Khan The evergreen personality of Humayun and elegance of Reema will make them a killer couple in a super romantic or an action packed film. They did one TV serial together few years back but they have never been seen together in a film before. No one can forget their performance on an Indian award show where they were looking not less awesome than the Veer Zara couple.

2- Ali Zafar & Iman Ali

02- Ali Zafar & Iman Ali

Ali Zafar is true sensation of the nation, and everyone adores the immaculate beauty of the Anarkali girl. They will make a sizzling couple together and rock the world with their charm and magic. Both of them started their careers at same time but could not be seen in any major project together (except a short Basant telefilm). Ali who is finally set to debut in a Pakistani film, I think, will not get any other perfect match.

3- Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan

03- Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan

The phenomenal success of Humsafar made Fawad and Mahira the most popular couple of TV of recent times. They must team up for silver screen with the same chemistry and harmony for their frenzied fans. Fawad who is debuting in an Indian film Khoobsurat will soon be seen in a Pakistani film as well, and for that the producers don’t need to waste time in finding a perfect match for him when we have our own Masakali with the cutest smile of the world.

4- Hamza Ali Abbasi & Mehreen Saeed

04- Hamza Ali Abbasi & Mehreen Saeed

Hamza is a complete package of talent with killer looks and thats why he is so ‘pyara’ to all. Mehreen is the most elegant lady who joined the film fraternity by debuting in Chambaili. They will surely make an elegant couple.

5- Atif Aslam & Humaima Malik

05- Atif Aslam & Humaima Malik

Atif is undoubtedly the most popular male star of our times. Humaima in her debut film proved she is a real talent. Although they both debuted together in the same film, but were not paired up. Given a chance to cast their spell together in an action packed thriller or a love story, I bet they will make a perfectly matched couple.

6- Adeel Hussain & Aamina Sheikh

06- Adeel Hussain & Aamina Sheikh

Adeel Hussain is an outstanding male performer of small screen and he will be equally amazing on the bigger one as well. Aamina is one of the most versatile and marvellous actresses of TV and film. Their intense performance in Mora Piya (drama) is a proof that they are a made-for-each-other couple and because of their propensity for versatility, they can be paired for wide range of genres.

7- Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui & Syra Yousuf

07- Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui & Syra Yousuf

Shehryar, Tribune’s Hottie of the Year 2013, mesmerized viewers in couple of TV shows and is set to debut in a film, Kambakht. Fairy like beauty of ravishing Syra makes her the perfect girl for our doppelganger of Hrithik. They will make the cutest couple of our films and their youthful energy can be transformed into anything which makes a film blockbuster.

8- Danish Taimoor & Aiza Khan

08- Danish Taimoor & Aiza Khan

Danish is one the most handsome hunks of TV, and soon he will be seen in his debut film Jalebi. Aiza allures with her charming beauty on TV and she will be a pleasant addition in films too. If given a chance, this real life couple will be magical on silver screen as well.

9- Shamoon Abbasi & Mathira

09- Shamoon Abbasi & Mathira

Shamoon is a bad guy. Mathira is a bad girl. They will make a perfect mad couple. Yes, I am sure they will make a perfect mad couple. They can be paired up as an antagonist pair in any film and see the havoc they wreak together with their shananigans. They will make an absolutely irresistible couple.


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