What Makes ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ Talk of Town and a Potential Blockbuster

First theatrical trailer of ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ (NMA) is out and has become viral since its release. The trailer shows three ‘fellas’ who are saving their ‘love, lives and asses’ in the chaotic situations of troubled Karachi. The film is a comic take on the tumultuous law and order state in Pakistan and on the identities of commonly known unidentified people, ‘Namaloom afraad’ as originally coined by the media. The trailer promises the film to be highly entertaining and a blockbuster, and will definitely set new trends and standards for upcoming films.

If you haven’t watched this much-talked-about trailer of NMA yet, go watch it on this link before going further down on this article.

Here we will see what makes this trailer so amazing and the film a must watch and a potential blockbuster.

Catchy Dialogues

The very first dialogue in the trailer blows the mind and makes a good sketch of the characters and situations in the film.

“Kehtay hain hartalon mein sab ka burra hota hai, humara bhalla honay wala tha.”

Then the most hilarious one comes with matchless witty expressions of Salman Shahid, and let me just say that the dialogue is already a hit.

“Maut, Gogi…aur Tatti, kabhe be aa sakti hai.”

This sadistic one further down makes you chuckle uncontrollably.

“Mubarak ho Shakeel bhai, halaat kharab ho gay.”

The irony of ‘unidentified people’ is wrapped up in levity in the last dialogue of the trailer.

“Namaloom afraad… woh kahan say ayengay? Woh hum hain!”

High Production Quality

Real looking turbulent city depicts clearly the high production quality of the film. The blazing guns, smashing windows, ablaze vehicles, frenetic mob and turned down shutters give you the deja vu of some recently seen clips of a shutter-down strike or a frenzied protest on TV screen. The sets seem to be big and action sequences look amazing. Overall, the production quality of this multi-million rupee film is of high standards—the movie has been made on a budget of around Rs. 90 million.

A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
A real looking scene of burning cars in Na Maloom Afraad.
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Burning car in Na Maloom Afraad.
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Ablaze bus in Na Maloom Afraad.
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Smashing windows of cars is a ritual of protests in Pakistan, as depicted in Na Maloom Afraad.
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Frenzied mob in Na Maloom Afraad.

The Chaotic City

The glimpses of the ‘chaotic city’ in peace are worth watching. The film is said to be mostly shot in old Karachi and it looks absolutely stunning.

A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Long live Karachi.
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Scrumptious (no matter if it looks unhygienic) street ‘bun kabab’ is a staple food in Karachi.

Three Reckless Fellas

Apparently the film seems to have taken its line from Indian films like ‘Hera Pheri’, ‘C Kkompany’ and ‘Delhi Belly’ (stay tuned for the official clarification on the matter here at Galaxy Lollywood), the trio indeed looks amazing in the trailer. Javed Sheikh is a veteran TV and film actor and is perhaps seen for the first time in such an avatar. Fahad Mustafa is a talented TV actor and he is debuting through this film. He is majorly known for serious roles but looks equally capable of doing justice with this comic role as well. Mohsin Abbas Haider of Mazak Raat (Dunya TV) fame is looking thoroughly entertaining in the trailer. He will definitely have a big show in his debut film.

A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Fahad (left), Mohsin (center) and Javed (right) in Na Maloom Afraad.
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Javed Sheikh in Na Maloom Afraad
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Fahad Mustafa in Na Maloom Afraad
A capture from Na Maloom Afraad trailer
Mohsin Abbas Haider in Na Maloom Afraad

The Item Girl

3 second glimpse of Mehwish Hayat’s ‘latkas and jhatkas,’ and people have gone all crazy about it. This is going to be the most awaited song of the year. One cannot just talk about it more without losing senses. We simply can’t wait for this one!

A glimpse of Mehwish Hayat Khan's item number in the movie
Mehwish Hayat grooving and moving in an item number.

The film is slated to be released after Ramadan in August/September time frame. The countdown has started and the game is on. I hope this will be a true winner.


  1. This film is, like, so cool, with the trailer and all!

    While i don;t understand the need to Bollywood-ify the film with an item number, I am particularly looking forward to it, and expecting it to be an amazing comedy film!


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