Iram Parveen of Josh announces ‘Dho Dala’; Mehwish Hayat plays ‘Pari’

Just a few weeks back Iram Parveen Bilal’s debut film Josh won the “Best Independent Film” award at the ARY Film Awards and now a new project from the same banner, Dho Dala – The Sin Washer, starring Mehwish Hayat, Adnan Shah Tipu and Salim Mairaj in leading roles, has been announced.

A short film in nature and a mystery/drama in genre, Dho Dala, as per its description on IMDB, is set “in the backdrop of a world where assassins disappear into blackholes, Dhona and Pari are launderettes who wash people’s ‘sins’ away by washing away crime scenes and evidence. All is status quo until an unsuspected spy tries to wake them to justice.”

Talking exclusively to Galaxy Lollywood the director told us that although the film has been completed but short films don’t have release dates meaning the film will not be hitting the local cinemas in Pakistan. However she revealed that it will surely be released online at some point in the future. But for those not residing in Pakistan the film will be showcased at different venues and for updates you can check the official Facebook page of the film “Dho Dala- The Sin Washer.”

Mehwish in this fourteen minute short film plays Pari, while Saleem Mairaj will be seen partnering her in the act in Dhona’s character. By going with the synopsis available, one can naturally conclude that Adnan Shah Tipu will be that ‘unsuspected spy’ in this short movie with his namesake character, Tipu.

Iram Parveen Bilal
Iram Parveen Bilal – Director – Dho Dala.

An enticing teaser trailer of this short film has also been released with the announcement, drawing a nice sketch of the concept behind with its dialogue tag-liner and a very seductive portrayal of Mehwish’s character, which the actress by the way looks pretty ravishing in. Adnan Shah and Saleem Mairaj also look equally interesting in the video.

Mehwish Hayat, since very recently, has enormously raised her game in the business, with special performances in Award shows, brand affiliations and TVCs, then the item number in Na Maloom Afraad, and now Dho Dala, it is all selling and the actress seems to have discovered┬áher true potential. Mehwish is also part of Humayun Saeed’s upcoming comedy flick, Afrah Tafree.

Announcing the film on her Facebook page, Iram writes, “Ahead of my next feature (insha’Allah), Dho Dala has given me the latitude to play with style and flow. It is VERY different from my past work…It is a film that discusses the serious issue of “crime scene washing” in a slightly non-serious way.”

Enjoy the trailer below and add the short film in your ‘must watch list’, for whenever the film releases in whatever form.

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