Dukhtar releases it’s theatrical trailer and it’s a visual treat full of familiar faces giving stellar performances.

Yes! It’s official. The trailer of Dukhtar is for sure one of the most exciting ones to come out of our industry in recent times and we cannot stop gushing over it. From the very first dialogue you are captivated by this world you are seeing and as a viewer you feel quite invested in the story( and managing to do that in a 2 min trailer is surely a feat!). Kudos to Afia Nathaniel, the writer/director for choosing such a controversial topic and filming it with such perfection and not letting it seem like a documentary.

The film which is set in the mountains of Pakistan, tells the story of a mother and her ten year old daughter who flee their home on the eve of the girl’s marriage to a tribal leader which results in a deadly hunt. Produced by Muhammad Khalid Ali and written/directed by Afia Nathaniel, the film boasts of a stellar ensemble cast which includes the likes of Samiya Mumtaz, Ajab Gul, Mohib Mirza, Omair Rana, Samina Ahmed, Adnan Shah Tipu among others.

We were excited when we first saw the poster and the teaser but our excitement has quadrupled after this theatrical trailer and we are now counting days to the release of the film. The cinematic shots, amazing performances, the haunting background score all make Dukhtar one of the most keenly awaited films of the year. We surely can’t wait to catch this on the silver screen now!

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Here is the trailer for you all to see. Do let us know what you thought of it in our comments section.


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