‘Jeenay Chalay’ of Dukhtar’s OST has trademark Shafqat Amanat Ali feel

By Aayan Mirza

Shafqat Amanat Ali has that distinct voice which makes what he sings, neither too complicated to hear nor too contemporary, it has its own identity. One can feel it in Khamaj, in Ramchand Pakistani’s Phir Wohi Raastey and most recently in Dukhtar’s second song from its OST, Jeenay Chalay.

Appositely released just two days before 14th August (Independence Day), Jeeney Chalay talks about battling the breathing oppression, living the life and walking the paths un-walked on. In its sheer simplicity, it talks about hope. And that is exactly what Afia Nathaniel and company are labeling it to be; “A message of hope for 14th August 2014.”

The song, unlike others with similar message, is pretty light, easy to follow and smooth on ears. A bit upbeat in comparison to Khamaj and Phir Wohi Raastey, but suits well with the visuals from the film in its video.

Dukhtar, directed by Afia Nathaniel, is set to release on 18 September 2014 all across Pakistan, and stars Samiya Mumtaz, Saleha Arif, Mohib Mirza, Ajab Gul and Adnan Shah Tipu in prominent roles.

Here, listen and enjoy the new track for yourself:

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