The monsoon has set in in most of the country and it seems it inspired the makers of upcoming films to shower the videos of the songs just a day before Eid making it memorable for all.

On Chand Raat songs from three big upcoming movies were released, including a teaser of “Kaala Dooriyan” from Dekh Magar Pyaar Say and videos of “Aaja Re Aja” from Karachi Se Lahore and “Talabgaar” from Moor.

All of these songs carry an aura of their own and add flavors to the emerging film music in Pakistan. Music has always been an integral part of the sub-continent films and it a good sign that the new filmmakers are fully cognizant of it and they are trying to redefine and reshape it instead of being at odds with the idea of having “songs” in a film.

Watch and read about all the three songs below.

“Kaala Dooriyaan” from Dekh Magar Pyaar Say

The trailer of Dekh Magar Pyaar Say, released earlier this week, gave a sneak peek of the dance number “Kaala Dooriyan” leaving us yearning for more and now, God bless them for it, an exclusive video teaser of the number is released and it has made us gaga over it. The song teaser is the hottest part of the film released so far and it has taken the hype of the film to a new high.

The dance number features supermodel-turned-actress Amna Ilyas and Waleed Khaled along with the adorable couple of the film Humaima Malik and Sikander Rizvi. All of them are looking stunning and snazzy and the dance moves are so well synched with the beats of this famous Punjabi tapa that it makes you groove and croon and raise an urge for more and more unstoppable extravaganza. The song will be a perfect addition in the wedding songs’ playlist.

Watch the song teaser below.

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“Aaja Re Aja” from Karachi Se Lahore

The road trip movie Karachi Se Lahore had a lot of things to look forward and the song “Aaja Re Aja” was one of them which has just been released, revealing Aysha Omer in “jaw-dropping” avatar and featuring Shahzad Sheikh, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Ali and the child star Aashir Wajahat setting out on their trip.

The song is fresh and melodious with very good lyrics and the voice of Sur Dervish sounds perfect for the song. The video of the song reveals some part of the road trip from Karachi, the colorful roof top of one of the restaurants in new food street of Lahore and also some of the already seen clips from the trailer of the movie. One thing where the video falls short of is in making a distinction between a video song and an “ad” of a frozen dessert. It happens, we can understand!

Overall, it is a very good song and perfect to have added in your long drive playlist, perhaps, for that you need to wait for the release of the complete audio.

Watch the song below.

More: Watch theatrical trailer of Karachi Se Lahore here.

“Talabgaar” from Moor

Moor, a film by Jami Mahmood, has been at the top of the list of most awaited movies since its first teaser was released and now the video of official soundtrack “Talabgaar” from the film is released featuring Samya Mumtaz, Hameed Sheikh, Shaz Khan and other stars of the film.

“Talabgaar”, sung by Javed Bashir, composed by Strings and penned by Anwar Maqsood, needs no more introduction as there is no other example of the excellence like this gathered for a film song in recent times. Its a top-notch treat.

The song is as soulful and mesmerizing as the beautiful landscape of Bostan, Baluchistan where the story is based and most part of the film is shot. The video of the song will strengthen your belief in the film and increase your expectations.

Watch the song below.


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