5 reasons why the ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ trailer is BAD!

To say that ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ was one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year would not be wrong. The film had a great ensemble cast, promising music, great production and seemed to be a commercial entertainer which would set the box office on fire. Interestingly I even visited the sets of the film and was highly impressed with what I saw and the film came across like a fun-filled ride. However all my expectations were shattered when I got a chance to see the official trailer of the film which was released today. Why you ask? Well  here are five reasons why I think the trailer is BAD!

  1. Either the color grading is not done or whoever did it was not really concerned with the final outlook. Anyhow the film comes across as a super dull affair, lacking the colors!
    teri meri love story stillBefore and After for one of the stills which I edited using my phones editor. See the difference?
    tmls stilledited
  2. Can we all pretend that we did not see Uzma Khan doing whatever she was doing in the first song. The cringe worthy performance is not something we expected from either the actress or the new age Lollywood team of the film.
  3.  The film has funny guy Mohsin Abbas who is known for his great comic timing while the director Jawad Bashir is also for his command at the genre but unfortunately the humor in the trailer falls flat and fails to elicit laughter.
  4. Ushna Shah is pretty and Omer Shahzad is hot, but the song at the end featuring the two is just blah! Yes they look picture perfect, but hey its a film and when they move lets just say not happening! Oh, there is a slight possibility its a fun goofy song where she is playing him but otherwise its just weird.
  5. Sadly the film comes across as a tele-film and the filminess is very evidently missing. Be it due to the shots or the editing the film does not look like the commercial masala film which was promised by the director.

Anyhow I hope that its only the trailer which is not that great and the film will be a full on entertainer. Oh, and here is the trailer for those who have not seen it yet. What do you guys think?


  1. Ahh what a lame review.. you are comparing grading with your phone app.. lmfao.. you should start providing color grade service to all film makers. Obviously you can grade whole film with your phone.. super ass


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