5 things making ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’ worth the wait

The upcoming mega project ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’ by Momina & Duraid Films and Hum Films, the makers of Mahira Khan starer romantic-drama Bin Roye (2015), is one project we are looking forward to eagerly this year. The film, which was revealed few months ago in a press conference in Karachi, is finally hitting the floors and gearing up for the late 2017 release.

From the writer to the director to the lead cast, the film boasts the lineup of talented people flocking for the project. Here are five things making the film worth the wait and demanding you to mark your calendars for its release date, which is expected to coincide with Eid-al-Azha.

1- Tribute to Pakistan Air Force

‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’ will chronicle the real life events and stories of brave men and women of Pakistan Air Force, giving a tribute to the prestigious institute of the country. The film will show the hardships and challenges faced by the people safeguarding the airspace of Pakistan, evoking the patriotic fervour in the audience.

The film, being produced in collaboration with Pakistan Air Force, will also feature the airforce pilots and personalities working along with the cast.

2- Cinematic debut of TV director Haseeb Hassan

The award-winning director of multiple hit TV dramas, most notably Diyar e Dil (2015) and Mann Mayal (2016), Haseeb Hassan, is debuting at the cinema with ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’.

Hassan has been in the business for more than two decades and has worked for all notable networks of Pakistan, including Pakistan Television (PTV). Last year he won Lux Style Award for the Best Director.

The director Haseeb Hassan and the writer Farhat Ishtiaq.

3- Script penned by Farhat Ishtiaq

The script of ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’ is penned by the famed writer Farhat Ishtiaq, who has many reputed scripts to her credit including the film Bin Roye and dramas Humsafar, Diyar e Dil and most recent massive hit Udaari.

Farhat Ishtiaq is known for writing compelling and emotive stories and has given one hit after the other in her short career of writing for the TV and cinema. For ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’ she will also get assistence from the airforce personnels in writing the script.

Osman Khalid Butt and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

4- Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt sharing the screen

The leading men of the film, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt, will play the airforce pilots in the movie. The heartthrobs, both of whom have massive fan following, will share the screen first time in ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is also playing Noori Nath in Bilal Lashari’s remake of Maula Jatt, is reported to get in shape for the film.

5- Hania Aamir is the female lead

We knew about the leading men of the film since the announcement of the film but the leading lady was kept in the shrouds of mystery until now. The news is that the chirpy and super cute Palwasha of Janaan, Hania Aamir, has bagged the lead role in ‘Parwaaz Hay Junoon’ opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt.

The film will be the debut of 19 year old Hania Aamir, who got into fame with her dubsmash videos on the social media and eventually landed into the films, as the leading lady opposite the towering stars.

Hania Aamir.

We hope that we have tempted you enough about the project. Keep looking this space for more updates on the film.

Correction: Earlier version of this article contained wrong surname of Hania Aamir. We appologize for the mistake.



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