21 reasons why you should be excited for ‘Thora Jee Le’

Whereas the last few weeks may have been pretty dead for local cinema, things are about to pick steam as the first Pakistani release of 2017, ‘Thora Jee Le’, is all set to hit cinemas this Friday. Directed by first-timer Rafay Rashdi, the coming of age film narrates the story of seven friends going through life and tackling its many challenges.

Interestingly, the entire cast of the film features relatively unknown actors with Rizwan Ali Jaffri being the only well-known face. Nevertheless , if the trailer is anything to go by, the film does seem to be a promising affair which might just give us the much needed pool of new actors.

To know more about the film, we caught up with the leading actors and put them on the spot asking them to give us as many fun reasons as possible why we should be excited for the film. Thankfully, the cast members were good sports and gave us, as demanded, some super cool reasons. So here goes…

Thora-Jee-Le_1Rizwan Ali Jaffri (Actor)

#1 Im shirtless, so you can come and check that out.

#2 Its a film with lots of new good looking actors.

#3 Its an emotional ride which the youth will be able to relate to.

#4 The director is new so he has a different vision.

Thora-Jee-Le”-Official-Poster-Revealed-Fashion786Pk-com-3Bilal Abbas (Actor)

#5 I’m in the film, so that ought to be reason 5, 6 and 7

#6 I’m shirtless too, though not nearly as hot as Rizwan.

#7 One of our cast members, Salman, is pant-less too.

#8 The film has a really beautiful message at the end.

#9 You wont feel its a Bollywood rip-off, its completely original.

#10 Its a complete Pakistani film, going the support Pakistani route which you said not to mention waisay, but I think this needs to be said.

Fatima Shah Jillani (Actor)

Bilal took all my reasons but anyhow here goes.

#11 Yes, there are shirtless guys but we ( costar Ramsha ) will be giving them tough competition in the hotness department.

#12 There may be no item numbers, but the movie is full on masala and provides wholesome entertainment.

#13 We have seven very diverse characters in the film and the audience will definitely be able to relate to them and when that connection is made the viewer is invested and the film becomes more entertaining.

tj-8Ahsan Mohsin Ikram (Actor)

So staying true to my character from the film, who is a pretty serious guy, Ill give you reasons which might not be as fun as my co-stars but nonetheless reasons which will get you excited for the film.

#14 we always complain that the industry doesn’t have many new actors and the same faces get repeated. This film has all fresh faces so please come and support us.

#15 The film has a very realistic feel to it. We have stayed true to the situations and depicted them in a way so that the youth will be able to relate to it.

#16  The film is nothing like the trailer! We have deceived the audiences with the promos and the surprise element will definitely have a lasting impact.

13221664_10101367718090501_8340142623688938531_nRafay Rashdi ( Writer/Director)

#17 The film almost got shelved four times! Want to know why? Well when you are working with a new cast and team, you are out of station shooting at various locations it does get frustrating dealing with so many people so it would come across as the film is getting shelved. The cast would come  and council me and be like you’re too good and all. So all you fans might as well check our film. 🙂

#18 The film has been made with a lot of dedication, blood , sweat , threats and what not 😉

#19 There is a social message in this film. Also it’s a film for the youth, featuring the youth and made by the youth.

Team Galaxy Lollywood

Having had a chance to interact with the cast and crew and getting a rather detailed look into the film here is one final reason from us.

#20 The cast and crew has worked really hard on the film and if our discussion with them is anything to go by, this will be one fun film. Also they are easy on the eyes so that helps doesn’t it. 🙂

#21 Last but definitely not the least  the reason that EVERYONE uses. Be Pakistani and support your content.


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