6 off-screen dances that just made us go WOW!


An item number or dance number from a film, almost always gets the most hype and generates a crazy buzz for the film. But when the dance or item is something that takes place off-screen, well the virality factor for that video just gets multiplied and people go cray! So here we list 6 off screen videos which made us all go WOW!

      1. Neelam Muneer’s infamous car dance:

        We had to start with this one! The video which has the entire nation talking is definitely the first one on our list.

      2. Shaan and Nargis’s dhamaal act :

        For all the old-school Lollywood fans here’s a video of superstar Shaan Shahid dancing with Nargis at a wedding. Don’t we just love the crackling chemistry 😉

      3. Osman Khalid Butt’s ‘Dilli Wali Girlfriend’:

        Well well well, who knew Osman Khalid Butt was such a great dancer.

      4. Mawra and  Urwa’s sister act:

        Urwa and Mawra dancing to song ‘Love Letter’ at the former’s wedding has to be on our list!

      5. Meera dancing with Saif Ali Khan:

        Yes guys, this happened! Way before Ali Zafar’s and Fawad Khan’s it was Lollywood diva Meera who crossed the border and danced with the Bollywood nawab.

      6. Mahira’s first dance:

        Although the title does seem a bit mis-leading but this was in fact her first dance performance at an award ceremony and Mahira being Mahira excels in this like everything else.


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