Music Review: Balu Mahi’s soundtrack has everything for everyone!

Ever heard of a movie with deadly songs combo? Balu Mahi’s soundtrack has everything. You name it.

Directed by Haissam Hassan and produced by Sadia Jabbar, the highly anticipated film Balu Mahi, with a star cast including Osman Khalid Butt, Ainy Jaffri and Sadaf Kanwal, is slated to release on February 10.

There were mixed reviews after the trailer went viral, however, the album consisting of 4 songs got the fans super excited. One after another the songs kept coming giving us chills as they are a deadly combination of everything an audience wants from the music album.

‘Balu Mahi’

The title track of Balu Mahi is a supply of entertaining hip-hop party song, getting you in grooves and slaying dance moves with the heartthrob Osman Khalid Butt and the gorgeous Ainy Jaffri.

The confidence and the full command on body and those super energetic dance moves are a must watch in the video. You can surely see Osman and Ainy partying the night way in the video. It’s a mood lifter that makes you hit the dance floor right away.

‘Rang De Chunar’

Am I the only one who literally gets lost in the soulful voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in this song? I think NOT.

The RFAK signature Qawwali ‘Rang De Chunar’ that’s been on repeat since its release is soothing to the ears and Rahat’s voice has done the magic yet again. Its beautifully crafted lyrics paired with Rahat’s spell-binding vocals transport you to another world.

The video has everything. Splashes of colors, culture, tremendous visuals and what not!  Ainy Jaffri looks breathtaking in blue and OKB looks regal in Kameez Shalwar. The special appearance by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also marks his debut on the silver screen.


A fairy tale is incomplete without a little love song choreographed outside the city life with the heroine fluttering dress and hero chasing her.

‘Bechainiyaan’ is the kind of uplifting, melodious little love song that makes you want to abandon the city, drive to the countryside and stick your head out of the sunroof; with your arms wide open and the wind combing through your hair! *sigh* Dancing in the rain works too! This extremely romantic song get in you in the real feels and is very captivating.

‘Tu Kya Jane’

Last but not least, ‘Tu Kya Jane’ is a song with so many emotions. How can you not get overwhelmed while listening to this one?

Wrapped in sheathe of heartbreak and sadness, this song sets the melancholy mood from the very first note taking it to a whole new heart touching level.


Although the album consists of only four songs—a qawwali, a dance number, a romantic song and a sad ballad — but the fact that each song is catchy makes it all the more special.

But have we seen it all?

Lets just hope that the film’s best moments have been saved for the big screen and brace ourselves because Balu Mahi is coming out this Friday February 10.

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