Here’s how to get your very own ‘it’ wedding!

Shaadi idhr, shaadi udhr! It’s definitely raining wedding these days (divorces too, though), and we aren’t complaining. Generally, when we used to say the word shaadi we thought of rasmein, family, color, dances, and a lot of fun! But now, in addition to these basics (which were already an addition in their own right to the simple Nikah and Walima celebrations), there are quite a few things that have been added to the mix and come to mind when we talk wedding today.

Yes, thanks to the many celebrity, socialite and what not weddings, the traditional wedding has gotten a makeover of sorts. So here in this little fun post, we tell you how to get your very own ‘it’ wedding!

  • 2,534 number of events:

weddingGone are the days we had traditional dholkis, mayuns and a three day shaadi. Now it’s about stretching the wedding as long as you can! Honestly, “wedding” has only become a display of wealth and luxury. If you got it, flaunt it! It all starts from the bridal shower, to the dholkis at phupo k ghar and then khala ka ghar, dost k ghar and so on and so forth.

Mayuns have been taken up a notch with the amalgamation of mayun/sangeet. Yes sangeet (read a concert at your wedding) which is not complete without our very own Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, or if you are feeling a bit extra you are allowed to have Sukhbir or Mika Singh. And if you are Farhan Saeed; what better, save money and sing on your own events.  Add a few dozen event in between like a bachelorette night, a milad, some other cool sounding events which basically give you a reason to dress up and you’re set. Anything less than a total of 10 events is just not acceptable!

  • The hashtag phenomena:

syra-7Your wedding is a couple of months away, things are in the pipeline, but how will the world find out you are getting married? I’ll tell you how! With the coolest hashtag this social world has ever seen. The fusion of the bride and groom’s names make for the best hashtag ever. #Urhan #Munush #notcoolenoughforthis, etc. But if your partner’s name isn’t gelling in that well, worry not for you can just make a hashtag of your own name.

  • PR

Beautiful-Pictures-Of-Abdullah-Seja-Wedding-Pictures-5Yes sir, you need to hire a PR company so that they can send out your wedding invites to everyone from journalists, bloggers, actors, designers, socialities…and most definitely to your worst enemies (just to show them you’re worth it), pun intended. Once that is done, all you need to do is sit back and relax with a cup of tea watching all your shaadi happenings and the carefully devised hashtag on the media with exclusive coverage by everyone! Especially Sunday Times because #Sundaylovesweddings. But wait, does that mean you save money on a photographer, hell naw! Do you not want that crisp DSLR picture with a huge watermark on it. Yes, you do! That is where the battle of the best starts.

In case you don’t want to completely put yourself out there, well don’t invite bloggers but make sure you send the perfect DSLR quality pictures to a few close media friends and well they’ll spread the word.

  • Borrowed clothes:

Indian-brideA good few years ago, we had only a handful of designers who were reasonably priced. Either people would buy from them or the good ol’ Anarkali or Liberty would always save the day! Fast forward to the 2000s, a vast number of designers have popped up, who absolutely love self-promotion so they rent out their ensembles to be adorned by celebrities and the likes for the gazillion events. Not just the bride and groom but even the guests are bestowed with the honor of gracing the occasion in designer wear. And… then they all start looking the bride and groom but let us not go there, shall we. So your ‘it’ wedding is definitely not ‘it’ unless you have a few borrowed joras!

  • The Battle of the Best:

Prepping for the big day means we need the best of the best and nothing less, so what do we do? First things first, the big day has to be grand and leave an everlasting effect on the viewer.

  • Events:

9043-WeddingsAFP-1322475450-269-640x480The event management has to be none other than QYT or some fancy shizz by so and so events, but it has to be well known. Have the maximum number of flowers anyone has ever seen, a separate salad bar and oh a dessert bar too and even add a bar if you wish ;).

  • Photographers:

Beautiful-Pictures-Of-Abdullah-Seja-Wedding-Pictures-3These people should be your prized possession because they can make or ruin your big day in just one click. So choose wisely and just hire Irfan Ahson for the twirling shots and to have your 900+ picture uploaded on Facebook. Also, hire The Videographers for the fusion videos with ultra cool cinematic effects and behind the scenes coverage on Snapchat. If two sets of photographers still do not work out for you, throw in another one to cover all the ongoing madness.

  • The makeup artist:

09b629342cbf7748dd6601478078bfacThere was a time when Madeehas and Ather Shahzads ruled the makeup industry, but now that time has gone. Chao, see ya! What is the point of having a kilo of makeup on your face if it does not cost you the same as your dress? Zero, zilch. Ok, lets get over with the rant and just point our favorites. In the rat race to look like a million bucks, Mariam Khwaja wins hands down with the plus point of having Irfan Ahson to take a few mere “getting ready” shots of you. But if you are the sort of person not following suit, you can always take a detour and head over to Amina Raja, who also, by the way, will cost you your kidney. Sorry, there is no third choice.

  • The Choreographer:

36-TP-Station-Desi-Wedding-MehndiYes, there used to be days when we would dance like chickens, make fun of ourselves and have a good laugh, but not anymore. What is a wedding without perfectly choreographed dances, that too learnt by a professional choreographer and not Youtube. Yes, you need to have the steps in sync and display an ‘iifa’ worthy performance otherwise go sit in the chair until dinner is served.

So here is how to plan your ‘it’ wedding!

I'm a graduate of Beaconhouse National University with a huge interest in fashion and makeup. I also love to write about anything and everything which is related to style. Love to travel and explore new places!


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