Style File: All looks ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ from the 16th Lux Style Awards 2017!

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After all that its now time for our last post on the Lux Style Awards, which is the style file. In this post, team Galaxy Lollywood takes out its claws and dissects some celebrity looks from the 16th Lux Style Awards. So without further ado, here goes.

Mahira Khan (2)-min-min

Mahira Khan

Ifra: The epitome of grace! She totally stole the show with her sexy black attire paired perfectly with minimal makeup and beach wave curls.

Kahkshaan: Damn Mahira slays every time! Please give her all the awards from my side! Kudos to Omayr Waqar for working his magic yet again with Queen Khan!

Iman: Raeezaadi Mahira Khan stuns yet again, loving her fitted black dress which compliments her body so well. Though I think she could have played more with her hairstyle.

Momin:  She looks hot as hell! Loving this new fierce side to Mahira.

Maya Ali-min-min

Maya Ali 

Kahkshaan and Ifra: Being a very tricky color, Maya Ali pulled off this all red ensemble very very smartly! And we are glad she did not play it safe!

Iman: With just a basket missing little red riding hood made her way to the red carpet. I think she should have worn a different color set of earrings or well just added some other color which would have separated her from the red carpet itself.

Momin: Interestingly, what she looked in person and what she looks here in pictures is two different stories. She was a bit too red while walking on the red carpet but here in the pictures, she looks perfect. So all’s well that gets good pictures no?

Syra Shahroz-min-min

Syra Shehroz 

Ifra: A cute, simple yet chic look.

Iman: The white off-shoulder gown looks amazing on her, it is just perfect for her cute girl next door image.  Like how she used minimal jewelry and didn’t go overboard with make-up.

Momin: Loving this look of hers! And wow she surely knows how to look cute and sexy at the same time!

Ayesha Omar-min-min

Ayesha Omar

Momin:  Definitely one of the most memorable looks of the night! Kudos to stylist Rao Ali Khan for making sure that Ayesha looks sensual and not vulgar. This one was a winner for me!

Iman: For me Ayesha Omar rocked it! She is the one actress I actually look forward to. For me she is Pakistans Sonam Kapoor.

Kahkshaan and Ifra: Another ‘khubsurat’ woman , whose look left us wondering why! The last minute disaster of a dress , paired with smoky eyes and that tight ponytail did not do justice to Ayeshas look at all!

Mawra Hocane-min-min

Mawra Hocane

Iman: Sick and tired of actresses and their Disney princess moments, when will donning poofy gowns on red carpet end? And that cindrella carriage clutch! Please. No.

Ifra: Just out of a fairytale. No less than a princess! And her little carriage clutch added the extra oomph factor to her look!

Momin: I dont know why she does it :/ Choose the worst possible outfit, pair it with the worst possible accessories and create the worst possible look.

Kahkshaan: Thank goodness for stylists in Pakistan making celebrities look like wonders! 10/10 to Ania Fawad and Natasha salon for giving Mawra a pretty pink look.

Amina Sheikh-min-min

Amina Sheikh

Ifra: Aminas whole look was very bland, maybe if she had worked on her hair and makeup, it would have been very different!

Kahkshaan: A mess of a dress! A run down look on the whole!

Iman: Though almost everyone disliked Aamina’s look I on the other hand like this white fairy tale ensemble. I think she could have looked better without the black belt, and with her hair down but this is also a decent look.


Armeena Khan

Kahkshaan and Ifra: Being a beautiful woman, how we wish someone could have styled Armeena because this casual look does not work in her favor at all!

Iman: Did Armeena come to the LSA’s by mistake? Was she going out with friends for a casual lunch maybe? She looks pretty but I think she should have worn something according to the event she was attending.

Momin: A bit too casual but hey guys she was there on time at the hi-tea, unlike most other actresses who made an appearance way after the awards had begun!

Sadaf Kanwal-min-min

Sadaf Kanwal

Ifra: From the dress to hair to makeup everything is on fleek.

Kahkshaan: Totally model like! The right combo of the sleek bob and black dress!

Iman: Sadaf shows us how she is from the fashion side of the industry, totally loving this edgy look of hers and that bob hairstyle by Nabila is like a cherry on top.

Momin: Love love love! A bit too risque for Pakistani audiences but definitely a killer look.

Tooba Siddiqui-min-min

Tooba Siddiqui

Iman: Wondering how to pull a peplum off? Just look at Tooba Siddiqui.

Kahkshaan: Another winner in black. Tooba looks like a million bucks!

Ifra: Flaunting her attire with a perfect sultry makeover

Zhalay Sarhadi-min-minZhalay Sarhadi

Iman: Zhalay looks bleh! Don’t like it! Blue, Ruffles, Organza are all a very bad combination.

Kahkshaan: A confusion between ruffles, organza, and unattractive colors, Zhalay could have done much better.

Sanam Saeed-min-min
Sanam Saeed

Iman: Sanam’s dress is a bit ill fitted and doesn’t look that good. She could have worn something special.

Kahkshaan: Emerging from a model to actress, Sanam has not let go of her persona which clearly shows in this monochrome outfit. Less is definitely more!

Ifra: Chic!

reema khan

Reema Khan

Iman: Who would have thought that Reema would make it to the miss list. Don’t know what she was thinking with that sea-green silk gown of hers.

Ifra: Simple yet elegant!!

Kahkshaan: Reema’s look for the show was decent but somehow did not mesmerize. It lacked the x factor!



Iman: Ahh my eyes, please someone take all that light away. Meera Ji was all glitter.

Kahkshaan: Oscar trophy maybe? Meera jee might think she is only 16 but sequin dresses are a thing of the past! Although kudos to her makeup and hair stylist for keeping it age appropriate in that department!

Ifra: All glitz and glam!! She looked stunning!!

Shehryar Munawar-min-min

Sheheryar Munawar

Iman:  Someone from the 80’s called and they want their clothes back. Sheheryar being one of the heartthrobs looks good in almost whatever he wears but he looks anything but good in this grandfather attire.

Kahkshaan: Sheheryar played it too safe and makes me want to yawn at this look especially because of the nude colors.

Ifra: Expected a better look!

Momin:  Stylist Rao and Sheheryar are a killer combo but somehow the magic didn’t work this time around.

Ali Zafar-min-min

Ali Zafar

Iman: I am sorry I just can’t take my eyes off that hideous braids of his. What was he thinking? Ali Zafar, you might be a rockstar when it comes to singing and acting but fashion statements? Na Aa.

Kahkshaan: Working around the safest combo, Ali did hit the right notes but the braided hair and kajal would freak anyone out!

Ifra: Ali’s braid is a big turn off!

Gohar Rasheed and Nauman Ejaz-min-min

Gohar Rasheed

Ifra: Scary wardrobe, please stick to plain tuxedos and suits!

Kahkshaan: Gohar Rasheed does it again! The mish-mash of a blazer looks more like a curtain then an ensemble fit for the red carpet. Please take a cue from your peers!

Iman: From unbrushed hair to wearing this weird curtain style blazer. Gohar Rasheed shows you how not to dress on a red carpet.

Mikaal Zulfiqar-min-min

Mikaal Zulfiqaar

Iman: A white tux is something not everyone can pull but on Mikaal it looks like it’s just made for him. Love this classy look of his.

Ifra: Mikaal Should have worn another combo as this one is something we have seen him a lot in before. But he looks hot!

Kahkshaan: A good looking guy can pull off anything but a guy with a fair complexion should go for a darker color to enhance his looks thus Mikaal gets the thumbs down from my side!

Momin: You girls are hard to please no? I thought he was the best-dressed guy on the red carpet.

That’s it for this year!


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