Is Yasir Hussain’s honest mistake worth putting his head on a stick?

I am sure by now almost all of you know about the Yasir Hussain incident that happened at the HUM Awards last night. For those unaware, Ahsan Khan won the award for Best Actor in a Negative Role and Best Actor Jury for drama serial ‘Uddari,’ where he played a child molester. When Ahsan came on stage to collect his award, host Yasir Hussain made a remark ‘ Agar child molester itnay khoobsurat hotay hain toh main bhi child ban jaon.’

Now before jumping to any conclusions, just stop for a minute and ask yourself these questions. Do you think anyone in their right mind would want to crack such a joke? That any script-writer would actually write something like this to be said at an award function with a live audience which will be televised later on? That anyone can be so insensitive and pass such a remark?

Exactly, no!

And same is the case with Yasir. Contrary to popular belief, he never wrote this line and it wasn’t a part of the script! It was neither planned nor was it thought out! In spontaneity, he said something out loud which he shouldn’t have.

Hosting an event is not an easy job and the job gets twice as hard if you are known for your comic timing and everyone expects a punch line from you whenever you open your mouth. So on the spur of the moment, just to elicit some laughter he passed this as a comic remark which definitely came out wrong.

Has he apologized? Yes, he shared a video and a note on his Instagram page, excerpts from which go, ‘I regret saying it, it was a slip of the tongue that happened in the spur of the moment. It was no way meant to undermine the delicate issue’.

The issue should end right here shouldn’t it? But no, the social media isn’t happy with the apology or with Yasir and posts, hate messages, and even threats, etc., continue to be shared on different social media platforms.

I think that has to do with the fact that Yasir is not the kind of celebrity we are accustomed to. He doesn’t have a PR team writing press releases for him, he doesn’t have a manager handling his social media presence, he doesn’t have an image consultant to guide him in his public life matters, he doesn’t even have a stylist creating looks for him!

This may be no excuse for blurting out something such insensitive, but get into his shoes for a minute and think about it. Haven’t we all said stuff which we didn’t mean to say and later regretted saying? Is every situation in our lives perfect hundred out of hundred times? No. Similarly, Yasir said something he shouldn’t have, feels remorse on the issue and has apologized, what else can he do? Discover time travel and correct his mistake?

Having had a chance to interact with Yasir a couple of times I can vouch for the fact that Yasir is just a simple man who loves his craft and has been working as actor/writer for years now, because that’s what he does best. He is just a guy trying to put a smile on your face because that’s what he is like as a person;always laughing and cracking jokes.He made a genuine mistake, we all condemned it, he sincerely apologized and I think we should just end things here and move on.

Please don’t massacre an artist’s career just for a few clicks!


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