Parchi’s trailer is out and it needs absolutely no ‘parchi’ to shine through

Ever since its teaser was released a few months back, there has been a great anticipation attached with upcoming, Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman Khan, and Usman Mukhtar starer, Parchi. The trailer of the film (released yesterday), doesn’t at all, let that anticipation down.

Parchi’s genre is ‘action-comedy,’ and trailer delivers just that. Not only there is Jalaibee style action there, the colours and comedy in the film are also reminiscent of director Azfar Jafri’s last venture, Janaan. One can, perhaps, call it the typical ‘Azfar Jafri flavour.’

While Usman Mukhtar’s comic timing remains pitch-perfect throughout the three minute trailer, Hareem Farooq too, in her hot-header role of Madam Sahab looks refreshingly offbeat. Similarly, Ali Rehman Khan also departs significantly from his happy-go-lucky character image from Janaan, and puts on a lot more serious demenour, along with, of course, his organic comic flavour.

Although there isn’t much more to explore in the trailer character wise, but then trailers aren’t really meant for that. Having said that, Shafqat Cheema looks perfect in his villainous space of the film, and so does Ahmad Ali Akbar in his respective area. Same can be said for all other actors.

One downer of the trailer on a personal note, however, was that it gave away a little too much; the love triangle, the good lines, and some scenes that leave not much to imagination. This, at times, plays negatively when the actual film comes out and feels deprived of fresh substance. Still, we hope that people behind the film haven’t put all their best one-liners and scenes in the trailer, and have kept a lot more good stuff for the actual film as well, which releases on 5th of January 2018.

And how can we not talk about, Billo Hai. The song had managed to leave its mark even in the cramped little space of the trailer, but thanks to the Parchi-wallahs, who also released the entire dance number the same day. Choreographed by the versatile Osman Khalid Butt, the song, for once, manages to make the boys look good shaking their legs. High praises for the song overall.

Here it is:

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