‘Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’ is a wholesome entertainer for kids

The children’s cinema is an exciting addition to the avenues of entertainment for kids in Pakistan. As the local film industry is growing, more filmmakers are foraying at making films for kids. The latest example of it is the recently released animated movie ‘Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’, which is not only very entertaining but has also raised the bar for making animated films in Pakistan.

‘Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’ is a wholesome entertainment package for kids. It offers entertainment as well as the opportunity for learning to kids. The movie gives a great message to treat animals with kindness, in addition to a great influx of our cultural values interwoven within the script. For instance, most of our young generation is unaware of the fact that Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan but the film makes sure that Markhor becomes the favorite for all kids.

Talking a bit about the film, the film is a visual treat. When making animated movies it is very important for the visuals to be on point and for the movie to look beautiful, and ‘Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’ does exceedingly well in this department. The VFX and animations are at par with Hollywood and quite honestly it is a new milestone for animated films in Pakistan.


Pakistani cinema and in-film branding have had a rather difficult relation where audiences have often disliked the in your face marketing tactic where product placement has been the go-to approach for our makers. So, you’d understand why we weren’t particularly excited to see the Gluco brand in the title itself and thought this would be another case of brand integration done wrong, but we were proved wrong and how!

Despite being the title sponsor of the film, the Gluco brand made an appearance in the film only twice. Yes, there were only two scenes where the Gluco product was placed in the film and quite honestly this wasn’t what we expected. We were assuming that the main character would somehow be obsessed with the biscuit, or the biscuit would give him some sort of power but no the brand went for a subtler approach where the main character was just shown as a kid who enjoyed the taste of the biscuit and had it when he pleased.

This collaboration shows that socially aware brands like Gluco want to educate the young generation and pass on our values. We hope that other brands follow the footsteps of Gluco where a brand just doesn’t push its name but make a product which entertains and also give an important message and doing this all without making a mess of things.

We wish the makers of ‘Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’ good luck.

This post has been sponsored by Peek Freans Gluco.