Here are some mind-boggling gems from the latest Feroze Khan Interview

Feroze Khan interview

Feroze Khan (our resident Leonardo DiCaprio, oops!) recently had an interview with DAWN Images where he talked about his marriage with wife Alizey, his love for all things acting, his indifference towards local award shows, and his family.

Most prominently, he mentioned that he doesn’t place much value on the award shows mainly because the same took a long time to recognise and appreciate Leonardo DiCaprio (talk about comparing apples and oranges). We happened to write a piece on the aforementioned comment and all hell broke loose.

A lot was said and heard and we realized it was time to dissect the whole interview because, well, we love the attention. So, we took a detailed look at the interview once again, and the true wisdom in it simply started pouring itself out. We could actually see this “Philosopher in the making,” – as the interview portrays him – and there were simply too many gems in there that we thought it a must to share them with you guys (grab the popcorn):

Starting from the award show comment, I would just like to reiterate that Feroze, in the same sentence, said two contradictory things. At one point, he clearly stated that winning an award would be great, but then he proceeded to talk about how he doesn’t value awards because Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get one for years (I am sorry, I just really like mentioning this ‘example’ again and again).

I Don’t Go to Work; It Comes to Me

Moving on, the humble-brag of an actor, Feroze Khan, delved into some deep philosophical rhetoric and explained how “if a project didn’t come his way, it doesn’t make him feel insecure because ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ and if his co-stars turn out to be particularly difficult, he just takes it in his stride and ‘prays for them’.” Brilliant!

He also mentioned that he believes that whatever work is meant to come to him, it will. He doesn’t need to wake up early in the morning to go in search of it. So, all you early risers, please take a step back and re-evaluate your life. Waking up early in search of work isn’t actually going to get you work. Your luck and fate will, as beautifully explained by Feroze Khan (logic 101).

(Un)fortunately, the story doesn’t end here. Feroze Khan, very confidently, also mentioned how his new drama serial Romeo Weds Heer is hauling in top ratings and how the numbers are undeniable. Insider reports, however, suggest that the said drama serial is actually not doing good in terms of ratings, and that Geo News is forced to run extensive campaign to lift it up (yikes!).

He then also went on to mention how it wasn’t his decision to invite bloggers to his wedding and that it was actually his sisters who invited them. Okay, fair enough, but here is what we don’t understand. If his sisters were the ones who invited bloggers to Feroze’s wedding and not him, why did Humaima posted on her Instagram requesting for privacy? As in, how does that even work, Feroze Khan? Guess it’s another one of those questions that only he can answer.

The Nostradamus Vibes

Last but not the least, being the Nostradamus that he is, Feroze also predicted that Shahrukh Khan’s next (we are assuming, Zero) would be a big hit. Now we all know how this one fared at the box office, and honestly, it’s just terrible to be a Khan in Bollywood at this time.

Having said that, we rest our case and take our leave. See you on the other side!