The Maula Jatt wars: Vasay Chaudhry vs. Hassaan Niazi

Vasay Chaudhry vs. Hassaan Niazi

The Maula Jatt war has been never-ending these past few weeks. Bilal Lashari has been mired in controversies through and through and honestly, it’s getting a little tiring now. It all began when the producer of the original Maula Jatt – Sarwar Bhatti – lawyered up and obtained a restraining order against Bilal Lashari.

The development came to light when Bhatti’s lawyer, Hassaan Niazi, took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets with legal documents. The documents included a ‘Certificate of Registration of Copyright” and the “Certificate of Registration of Trademark,” both issued by Intellectual Property Organisation and both declaring Sarwar Bhatti, the true copyright and trademark owner of “Mola Jatt.”

If you are not aware of what happened after that, well, the lawyers of both the parties appeared on television a couple of days back and put their respective arguments in front of Public. We did a detailed piece on it earlier today, and you can check it out to know more about that episode.

Anyway, the whole feud aside, Hassaan Niazi and Vasay Chaudhry’s Twitter phadda has been the real highlight, amidst all the bedlam. Here is how it unfolded:

It started when Hassaan Niazi tagged Vasay Chaudhry along with some other prominent names including Jibran Nasir, Mubasher Lucman, Shahzeb Khanzada, Ali Zafar, Fahad Mustafa etc. in the above-mentioned tweet.

Now, the diversity of the tagged names is a living testimony to the fact that Vasay Chaudhry was not being personally targeted in any way. But a little birdie tells us that Vasay is close friends with Bilal Lashari and Hassaan Niazi’s tag may have, well, triggered him. So, here is what Mr. Vasay responds with:

Hassaan Niazi was of course not going to sit silent so he tweeted back at Vasay and subtly told him to not be morally neutral and called him out on playing safe (where are my popcorn at?)

It was now Vasay Chaudhry’s turn. Here’s what he responded with:

He went on to point out how it was derogatory of Hassan Niazi to use the phrase ‘deaf and dumb’ which tbh, is a fair point. It’s 2019 and this kind of language honestly doesn’t really fly anymore.

Anyway, moving on to the last bit of the tweet, Vasay Chaudhry uses the oh-so-cliched ‘social-media-activism-can’t-do-anything’ kinda line on Hassan Niazi by telling him loud and clear that he should be fighting this fight in court and not on social media. Well, Mr. Vasay, it’s 2019 and unfortunately, that’s how we operate now so take it or leave it.

The fate of the upcoming Maula Jatt is yet to be decided but what do you think about the whole feud? Let us know in the comments.