“No negative remarks against Ali Zafar,” orders court to Meesha Shafi

Ali Zafar Meesha Shafi harassment

2018 remains a memorable year in showbiz for the countless WTF and FTW moments originating there. Of these, one of the biggest highlights was the singer/actor Meesha Shafi’s harassment allegations against the fellow artist, Ali Zafar.

Meesha accused the Teefa In Trouble star of sexually harassing her twice, once at a private studio and the other time at a family function. Zafar had rejected the claims and vowed to take legal action against her.

The legal action Ali did take and requested the court in a petition to impose a fine of whopping one billion rupees against Meesha as compensation for the damages to his reputation.

Apart from the monetary compensation, Ali Zafar’s counsel also demands an apology from Meesha Shafi.

The Update

With the matter still pending in court, the latest update is that the Additional District and Sessions Judge, Shakeel Ahmad on Thursday ordered Shafi to restrain from passing any negative remarks against Zafar.

The ultimate result of the case is still awaited and we assume it is going to take a while to settle.

No Justice for Meesha Shafi

Shafi, on the other hand, had also attempted to file a legal case against Zafar on charges of sexual harassment with the federal ombudsman. Her application, however, was dismissed under the Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010.

Meesha went on to appeal this decision to the provincial Governor, who upheld the decision of the Ombudsman, and dismissed her appeal.

Meanwhile, fans of both, Ali and Meesha await the final decision of the case which took the Pakistani showbiz fraternity by storm in both, negative and positive ways.

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