Just In: ‘Laal Kabootar’ is all set to release on 22nd March 2019

Laal Kabootar release date

We were still wondering whether Project Ghazi and Sherdil will be releasing next month on 22nd March that another film joined the list. Slated for the same date i.e. a day before Pakistan Day, Laal Kabootar has become a confirmed addition to yet another release clutter on Pakistani cinema.

Starring Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha, Laal Kabootar is Nehr Ghar Production’s first film project. A suspense crime-thriller in the genre, the teaser of the film hints at an intense, dark, spaghetti western thriller, that will also see actors like Ali Kazmi, Saleem Mairaj, and Rashid Faroqui in action.

The Goods

Mansha Pasha plays a strong headed girl in Laal Kabootar who can be stubborn to a great degree. A fighter at heart, when her world gets upside down, she chooses to fight, putting her life on the line.

The male lead, on the other hand, is named ‘Adeel Nawaz’ (played by Ahmed Ali Akbar), who is a charismatic hustling taxi driver looking for a way to get out of Karachi. He will have his back against the wall, making it interesting for the audience to see which hard choices he makes.

The award-winning director, Kamal Khan, has directed the film whereas the brilliant cinematographer, Mo Azmi, has held the camera for this project.

As of now, one film stands confirmed for the March 22nd release whereas two others are also expected on pretty much the same dates. While it will, no doubt, create a little mess at the box office, but here is wishing that things don’t get as ugly as it did on last Eid-ul-Adha.

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