Shaan and Reema all set to reunite on the big screen

Shaan Reema film 2020

One of the fond memories of the 90s’ filmy kids would be seeing the on-screen romance between the most popular filmy couple of the time, Shaan and Reema. The nostalgia today just doesn’t let you settle down with the fact that both the actors have taken different directions in life today and are no more seen working together.

But, as Faiz Ahmed Faiz beautifully says in his poem ‘Yaad,’ dhal bhee gaya hijr ka din, aa bhee gayee vasl kee raat, the two superstars who started their careers in Javed Fazil’s hit musical romantic drama Bulandi, are all set to unite for a romcom slated for release in 2020.

Shaan Reveals

In a soon-to-publish interview by Shaan to Galaxy Lollywod, the Waar actor had mentioned that he was working on a film with his Bulandi co-star, Reema Khan.

Just a couple of days back, the actor shared a snap of himself and Reema with a romantic background. The picture was actually a part of an ad campaign of Everyday and officially announced the planned project.

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Shaan in the comments of the post stated that it was basically this ad for Everyday that gave both of them the idea for a romantic film that would feature the biggest filmy jodi of the 90s.

Although Shaan had only hinted at it, it was his wife, Amina Banday’s comment on the post that revealed that the two would be making a comeback.

While the title is under the wraps for now, Shaan confirmed that it’s a new project and announced in the caption that it would come out in 2020.

With Shaan possibly at the driving seat of the project (as he hinted in the interview to us), one can expect an audiovisual treat filled with some heavy dose of romance. The film would be a treat for Reema khan fans too who is missing from big screen after a lukewarm response to her second directorial, Love Mein Ghum.

And since we have mentioned Love Mein Ghum, it is pertinent to mention here that Shaan was also all set to play the lead role in this directorial of Reema’s back in 2008. He, however, dropped out of the project, reportedly, due to differences over the script.

Darlings of Lollywood

After the smashing success of Bulandi, Shaan and Reema became darlings of the lolly-town overnight and were cast together in multiple films. This, despite the fact that many of their films did not work at the box office.

Filmmakers, however, still had faith in the pair and continued casting them in ther countless projects. So much so that the filmy couple became the poster face of Lollywood just like Fawad and Mahira became for Pakistani dramas after Humsafar.

Besides Bulandi, the pair gave some memorable flicks in the 90s such as Nikah, Mujhe Chand Chahiye (though Reema wasn’t opposite Shaan in this), and Chandi to name a few.

How would this reunion translate on the big screen remains to be seen. We hope that the project meets all the contemporary demands of filmmaking and has a mature romance with a strong story, good dialogues, and music.

We also hope that this one does materialise for good, unlike many similar reports in the past that were either untrue or couldn’t eventually be realised for one reason or another.

Keep reading this space for more updates on the film.

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