Films this Friday (15 February 2019): Bollywood and Neeson on the offer

Films Friday (15 February 2019)

Seems like the cinema industry will finally be seeing a good weekend as 2019, otherwise, had started on a disappointing note.

The new releases this week, especially the Ranveer Singh starrer Gully Boy, is carrying a good hype and the initial reviews and general positive vibe around it will help the film in getting a good opening. The Liam Neeson starrer comedy action-thriller, Cold Pursuit too will compliment well its partner on the screen.

Here is a detailed look at all the films on the offer this weekend.

Gully Boy

Gully Boy is the story of an underdog MC named Murad (Ranveer Singh), who sees himself as a rapper. The film is about his journey from the streets of Mumbai to becoming a successful rapper. Alia Bhatt joins Ranveer Singh in this journey, adding the much-needed value to this feature film.

GL Says: Although we have said enough about the film already, the crux of our opinion is that the movie has been carrying some excellent reviews which will help the film to have long legs at the box office.

The film has already seen a limited release today and the figures are picking up instantly. This shows that we have a definite hit on its way. Ranveer Singh, with this hit, will prove himself as a bonafide star at the box office, being the only actor with three hits in 13 months (Padmavat and Simmba being the other two).

Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit is a revenge saga led by Liam Nesson. The actor these days is caught in a racism controversy, which has affected the business of the film worldwide.

GL Says: Liam Neeson carries a good following among Pakistanis and his films do see decent footfall in cinemas. His films, however, have never been huge hits in the country. The overflow from Gully Boy might help the film to some extent, but it would eventually be just an average grosser.

Kala Shah Kala

Kala Shah Kala is a film which celebrates the very maligned and universal butt of jokes, the color black. It stars Binnu Dhillon who was part of the only big hit Indian Punjabi film Carry on Jatta 2 at the Pakistani box office.

GL Says: The film might find some acceptance at the single screens and considering that it has a good amount of shows, it might just equal the performance of Carry on Jatta 2 at the box office. However, considering the flow of films in the coming weeks, it would be difficult for the film to have a long run.

Happy Death Day 2 U

A horror flick, Happy Death 2 U is about a girl who has to die over and over again to save everyone around her. The film is a day and date release with the North American market, and is a sequel to Happy Death Day.

GL Says: This film stands a dim chance at the box-office due to not carrying any hype nor any renowned face. It might, however, excite a few horror lovers but Gully Boy being the main attraction, this film seems to be a one week wonder at the box-office. Fans of the first part might come to see and enjoy the movie.

That’s it for today, see you at the cinema people.

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