Pakistani artists respond to the Indian claims of airstrike in Pakistan

Pakistani artists respond Indian airstrike

With the recent claims of the Indian government that their air force has intruded Pakistani territory in the aftermath of Pulwama attack and has destroyed multiple “terrorist hideouts,” the subcontinent has suddenly transformed into a virtual war theater.

Social media, specially Twitter has found a fresh fodder, and like the people from all walks of the society from both the neighboring countries, the artist communities on both sides of the border are involved in this too.

Pakistani artists also resorted to their social media handles to record their reactions, and just like the artistic backgrounds of these artists, their reactions vary from that of anger to sarcasm to patriotic chants against the Indian claims.

The Reactions

The Janaan star Armeena Rana Khan’s tweet is particularly positive where she not only condemned Bollywood celebrities for their warmongering, she also asked people to not allow these individuals to turn into peace preaching doves for their personal gains when the time is favourable.

Also joining Armeena were actors like Aijaz Aslam and Mawra Hocane who had pretty much the same message for the people. While Aijaz responded to Nawazuddin Siddiqui who has announced that he won’t be releasing his upcoming film, Photograph, in Pakistan, Mawra urged media to stop being provocative as there are no winners in the war.

Singer QB and actor Ahmed Ali Butt, on the other hand, had more aggressive messages to give to Indians.

The television superstar Feroz Khan expressed his love for Pakistan and Pakistan Army in these testing times.

The Parchi star Faizan Shaikh took the mocking game to next level where he retweeted the jingoistic tweets from various Indian celebrities with fun comments on them in his peculiar style.

The Verna star and singer, Haroon Shahid, also had a series of fun tweets targetting Indian claims.

Pakistani television’s biggest name and the leading actor of upcoming flick Sorry, Faisal Qureshi shared a video on his twitter account where he made Indian Air Force the butt of the joke.

Humour aside, Faisal also had a stern message to deliver to India.

Actor Gohar Rasheed also had a Khatta Meetha response to what the Indian government has been claiming as “Surgical Strike 2.0.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi too had a similar and mocking response to the Indian claims of surgical strike in Pakistan.

Joining the artists was the TV host and MNA Amir Liaquat Hussein who shared a strong worded tweet.

The leading lady of upcoming flick Laal Kabutar, Mansha Pasha, however, took a much saner and balanced stance and in a series of tweets, and urged artists from both sides to stand for peace and not for war as that’s what artists all over the worded have rooted for since the beginning.

All in all, the local artists paid homage to the Pakistani forces for their timely response and forcing the enemy to back off. What’s your take on the ongoing situations and whose response did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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