Veena Malik and Swara Bhaskar battle Indo-Pak conflict out on Twitter

Veena Malik Swara Bhaskar

The recent tensions between India and Pakistan haven’t yet settled down despite Imran Khan’s announcement of releasing the captured IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman as a peace gesture. Moreover, many sane voices on both sides of the border are also urging people on Twitter to #SayNoToWar.

Despite all of this, however, people from both sides of the border continue to engage in a war of words over the same platform. One such big-tag exchanges involved the Pakistani diva Veena Malik and the Veer Di Wedding star Indian actress, Swara Bhaskar.

Veena’s Mehmaan Nawazi Joke

On 27th of February, when the Indian pilot was captured, Veena Malik had shared her praise and support for the Pakistani Army by posting a picture of the captured pilot and sharing it with a sarcastic tweet “Abhi Abhi Tu Ayo Ho…Achi Mehmaan Nawazi Ho GI Aap Ki”

This rather tongue-in-cheek comment didn’t sit well with the Indian actress Swara Bhaskar who quoted Veena’s tweet and vent out her anger accusing Veena of enjoying a critical situation.

Veena’s Jawabi Hamla

Never known to back down from any situation, Veena quoted Swara’s tweet and replied in a very chilled manner by saying, “We Haven’t treated him what he deserves…we treated him wot we are…Dignified Mature and Victorious…!!!
Shame is All Yours By Now”

While it is understandable how celebrities from both the nation are deeply passionate about their countries, these petty skirmishes aren’t helping anyone. We can only hope that the celebrities will see sense and rise above the idea of one-upping each other to #LetBetterSensePrevail.