Why is Armeena Khan conspicuously missing from ‘Sherdil’ promotions?

Armeena Sherdil conflict

With the release of Pakistan’s much-awaited air force drama Sherdil nearing every passing day, the anticipation surrounding the flick is growing ever more.

What many may not have noticed, however, is the obvious absence of the leading lady, Armeena Rana Khan, from all the main promotional content and events in that regard. We, at Galaxy Lollywood, had sensed this peculiarity ever since the completion and release date of the project was announced.

Our suspicions were augmented when the teaser of the film was released, which to the surprise of many, didn’t have a single glimpse of the Jaanan girl, who’s playing the lead opposite Mikaal Zulfiqar.

Now that the official poster of Sherdil has also come out, which, by the way, once again doesn’t feature Armeena, the fishy nature of the events is anything but concealed. To get to the depth of the matter, we decided to contact the lady herself and asked for her stance on the entire episode.

Armeena’s Take

What all we can say for now is that Armeena, very hesitantly, denied commenting on a public forum and just said “No comments.”

This is something to be worried about obviously. Sherdil is just a few weeks away from its release and the absence of its leading lady at such a crucial time could only harm the film.

The Repercussions

With Mikaal Zulfiqar not being a big film success as of now and the Maalik actor, Hassan Niazi being a barely recognizable face on the cinematic front, Armeena Khan, at the very least, could have added some face value to the film since she has projects like Janaan and Yalghaar to her credit.

For now, the film will be banking heavily on the public affection for Pakistan Air Force. Especially after it recently gunned down two Indian jets when they violated Pakistani airspace, renewing the public’s patriotic zeal.

If that factor is removed, however, Sherdil doesn’t have much going for itself since not much promotional content has been released so far.

What all we hope is that in case the relations between Armeena and the makers of Sherdil are not ideal as we assume, both somehow patch up as soon as possible so that the film doesn’t suffer as a consequence.

Only the time would tell how things eventually pan out.


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