Here’s how Humaima got replaced by Amna in ‘Baaji’ at the eleventh hour!

humaima malick Baji

Saqib Malik’s new project (which would also be his first full-length feature film), Baaji, is all set to hit the cinema screens across the country, on June 28th. The first poster of the film was released yesterday.

The poster looks rather fierce, to say the least, and we for one are keeping our fingers crossed for the success of the film.

The film stars some of the prominent names from the industry including the one and only Meera, Osman Khalid Butt, Nisho Begum, Nayyar Ejaz, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Amna Ilyas, and Ali Kazmi. The film wrapped up its shooting towards the very end of 2018 and has now entered the post-production phase.

However, it turns out; not all has been fairy dust and sparkles for Baaji.

The Story of Humaima’s Ouster

Inside sources close to Galaxy Lollywood have revealed that Humaima Malick was initially cast for Baaji, in a role that Amna Ilyas will now be seen playing. It was reported that a few days into the shooting, Humaima began exhibiting some serious professional issues (the whole not showing up on time, throwing tantrums shebang) and Saqib Malik was, in turn, forced to take a rather serious action.

Now get this; Humaima was fired on the sets of the film when the film’s shooting was already underway. Amna Ilyas was signed at the last minute for the role when she wasn’t even in the city. It is pertinent to mention here that besides Amna, Mawra Hocane was also considered and approached for the same role.

Anyway, whatever happened, happened. It’s time to focus our energies on waiting patiently for the film that according to Saqib Malik will “bridge the gap between new-age and classical Pakistani cinema.”

We wish Saqib Malik (Humaima Malick too) and the rest of the Baaji team the very best of luck!