Here’s how the new drama serial ‘Hania’ holds up a mirror to our society

While our drama industry has recently started stepping out of the cliché box, as far as the story-lines are concerned, it has, simultaneously, started raising awareness about some taboo issues of our society too. Ranging from sexual abuse, black magic, to child marriages, and many others – our industry has began to unveil a lot of masked issues plaguing our society, that are still deemed unfit to be discussed openly.

What is Hania about?

The most recent venture in this area is ARY digital’s Hania, that sheds light on some of the most heinous aspects of our society. Haniathe protagonist in the serial is played by Zoya Nasir. Hania belongs to a middle class family, and is married to Junaid (Junaid Khan), who belongs to the upper class. Initially, Junaid appears to be a very loving husband but soon after, he starts abusing Hania, both verbally and physically, as could be seen from the many trailers.

Another aspect discussed in the serial is the illegal business that goes on between Junaid and Vohra Sahib (Nayyer Ijaz). Vohra Sahab is highly respected by Junaid and his family, but his demeanor manifests ill intentions for Hania.

From the episodes that have been aired until now, it can be seen that Hania knows nothing about her husband’s business. All she knows is that Vohra Sahib is venerated by her in-laws. However, every confrontation with him makes her nervous and agitated.

Junaid, on the other hand, is portrayed as an adoring husband who instantly turns into a horrifying person if something doesn’t go his way, and abuses his wife as a result.

Zoya Nasir’s debut as an actress

With her innocent looks and soft-spoken personality, Zoya Nasir perfectly fits her character in the story. Not only that, her acting does justice to Hania’s character as well. It is hard to acknowledge that Hania is Zoya’s debut as an actress.

Playing alongside some of the strongest actors such as Junaid Khan, Nayyer Ijaz and Mariam Mirza, it is not an easy task to make a mark for oneself but Zoya has done it beautifully, and her efforts, truly, are laudable.

The way she plays her role, makes everybody’s heart go out to her and want to save her from the evil around her. The cast also includes Osama Tahir, Atiqa Odho and Waseem Abbas.

Junaid – a quintessential desi antagonist

On the other hand, Junaid’s avatar in the serial is not something he has played before. Given his astounding acting skills, however, he has once again lived up to the audience’s expectations. The way he transitions from a loving husband, to a girl’s worst nightmare, is commendable.

Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, Hania not only highlights marital abuse and illegal ways people use to earn money, but also addresses a major issue of middle class families; marrying their daughters into wealthy ones, without inquiring about the family’s background.

If you are looking for a drama with a fresh story-line that also holds up a mirror to the society we live in, Hania is the one to watch. Filled with raw and fearful emotions, and the challenging morality of the characters, Hania will keep you glued to your TV screens. This serial with its dark and aggressive story-line, is on the road to becoming everyone’s favorite, very soon.

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