Here’s how Juggun Kazim’s new digital film ‘Khirkhi’ tackles domestic violence

juggun kazim khirkhi

A CreatorsOne production, directed by Fahad Nur, Khirki is a short digital film that revolves around the themes of domestic violence and its implications for the parties involved. With a brief cast comprising Juggun Kazim, Omair Rana and the child star Shahzain, it is a story that has the potential to shake you to your core.

Warning: Spoilers ahead 

Juggun, Omair and Shahzain are shown as a lower middle class family, living in a small house in an urban area. In the beginning, Shahzain can be seen studying near a window in his house, which his mother closes nervously, telling him how his father would be cross if he saw it open. The fear in Juggun’s voice is instantly validated with the entry of Omair Rana, who can be seen as a dominating father, always wanting his son to be at the top of his class.

Further into the story, Omair’s dominance is manifested through physical abuse on his wife and even his child, if anything does not go his way. Juggun, on the other hand, is seen as a loving mother; always protecting her son and being the only light in his life.

The child Shahzain is seen to be always under pressure because of his father’s expectations. If he fails to meet them, the father does not hesitate to punish him brutally.  Wanting to protect himself and his mother from his father’s abuse, Shahzain struggles to do everything right, but to no avail.

Breaking under the pressure in the end, Shahzain jumps from the same window, which is seen in the beginning of the film, dreading his father’s reaction after he fails a test.

Implications for the society

Reflecting one of the most dreadful aspects of our society; domestic violence, this short film is somehow relatable to almost every desi child and adult, male or female. With children breaking under pressure put on them by their parents, studies and society, the suicide incidents are now becoming everyday news.

At the same time, mental health issues are taken very lightly and emotional abuse is usually considered as a non-existing influence. However, for us to create a genuinely healthy environment for our kids, we need to create awareness regarding all the aforementioned issues. What we don’t realize is that these issues begin from the sacred haven aka our homes, but usually the society is blamed for the delinquency.

This short film, although greatly influenced by the two most amazing actors of our industry, with great editing and background music, makes one feel all the raw emotions being depicted.

The dramatic transitions from scene to another and the slow motion effects that inundate the film, are, however, a little too unnecessary and take away from the seriousness of the issue at hand. That being said, kudos to the director and the mind behind the film for successfully (for the most part) sending a very important message to its audience.

We hope our film and drama industry steps out of the stereotypical stories’ box, and creates content that brings awareness regarding the many horrendous issues plaguing our society.

Here’s the link to the film:


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