Why is the audience suddenly losing interest in drama serial ‘Aangan’?


The period drama – Aangan – based on the award-winning novel by Khadija Mastoor, managed to create hype even before their curtain raiser with its fully loaded cast, an experienced producer (Momina Duraid Productions), director (Mohammed Ehteshamuddin) and heavy promotions.

However, hardly few episodes managed to get high TRP. Don’t be sad, we, too, were expecting much more from the drama. Let’s delve deeper into what suddenly went wrong with the much hyped serial.

What went wrong?

Like most of the avid viewers, I have been expecting an interesting plot twist (hint hint: a probable love affair between Jameel and Alia) that looked imminent, given people, who have read the novel, have lately been hinting at it. The unnecessarily dragged story, however, might keep us waiting another Thursday to finally witness that.

On top of that, the first few episodes felt too slow paced. Nothing of significance really happened until episode 5. I eventually lost interest too. I, however, regained some of it when Chammi and Jameel got a few scenes together.

As for the editing, every episode is a mish-mash of politics, family feuds and love between characters, all badly edited together. Lack of continuity and extended scenes keep us waiting for the climax that unfortunately, never comes. We all know through the teasers, that Alia and Jameel will be seen together but the question is when?

I, for one, keep waiting for some of the characters to return, thinking they might have some role in the story. Don’t you think Israr’s character has been in the background for too long? Moreover, what about Najma (sister) who has been away for studies? The character development, on the whole, has been a little too poor, for a lot of characters, on many fronts.

No uploads on YouTube

In addition to the interminable plot causing disinterest in the audience, no uploads on YouTube have also left the fans disheartened. A number of people have even boycotted Hum TV altogether, based on that. Overseas Pakistanis felt they could never catch up on the episodes and rightfully so.

The highlight of the show

The only thing that’s keeping the show going is Sajal Aly’s character – Chammi. Her rebellious nature and love turned jealousy for Jameel have made her scenes the most interesting. Sajal has managed to pull off the possessive girl character, rather remarkably.

Even though the story and editing seem off, we will still try and catch how Alia falls for Jameel and how the political story-line merges with the love angles in the drama. Stay tuned!


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