‘Cheekh’: From a fast paced drama to a drag fest

Created under the Big Bang Entertainment production house, Cheekh began creating headlines with the release of its very first trailers.

The hype around teasers and trailers

If we delve deeper into why the trailers were such a hit, it could, first of all, be attributed to Saba Qamar’s impeccable acting skills Secondly, the story-line seemed rather dark and mysterious; something we don’t usually get to see in the Pakistani dramas.

Thirdly, Big Bang has always had a good track record with its dramas. It has undoubtedly given us some great hits; the most recent being Balaa, Meri Guriya, and the ongoing Bandish. Not only do all the dramas under this production house stand out because of their casting, they are almost always laced with fresh story-lines.

What happened after the drama finally aired

Once the drama finally aired on ARY, it became one of the most watched serials and an overnight sensation. It’s not every day that we get to see such unusual stories, that not only go against the cliches but also succeed in keeping the audience’s attention. Cheekh, at least that’s what it looked till a few episodes back, is one of them.

A roller coaster ride full of emotions and twists; the story comprises three friends – Mannat (Saba Qamar), Haya (Azekah Daniyal) and Nayab (Ushna Shah). Mannat  is married to Haya’s brother, and belongs to a rich family while Nayab belongs to a middle class one. The story took a sharp turn from happy to dark, with Nayab’s suicide that later proved to be a murder by Mannat’s own brother in law, Wajih (Bilal Abbas) who was supposed to get married to Nayab. This fact is only known by Mannat who is now torn between her family’s well-being and bringing justice to her friend.

The story-line – full of suspense – proved to be an audience pleaser, with Bilal’s applaudable acting in a negative role, and Saba’s down to earth character. While the first few episodes kept us on the edge of our seats, it has now started becoming a drag because the once fast moving mysterious story, is now turning into a slow paced sentimental plot.

What went wrong?

With the 11th episode is due to be aired soon, the serial is losing its appeal as the past three episodes have been nothing but a series of small arguments between Wajih, Mannat and Nayab’s father. All we see is Mannat’s confusion as to what she will do to avenge her friend’s murder and also save her marriage, simultaneously.

While the whole cast of the serial comprises exceptional actors, the story needs to pick up its pace to keep its spell over the audience or what started off with a bang, is bound to become a catastrophe.


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