Here’s everything that made telefilm ‘Laal’ the success that it was


The whole country celebrated Pakistan Day with the usual zeal and vigor, the day before yesterday. Major cities were adorned with Pakistani flags and decorative lights while TV channels aired relevant shows, songs and what not. 

Amidst all these celebrations, GEO aired a telefilm – Laal – that conveniently won the hearts of Pakistanis. Made under the GEO banner, Laal was aired this Pakistan Day. The drama film is based on the real life of a Pakistan Navy-man and is written by the famous writer, Umera Ahmed.

What Laal is about

Laal is directed by Haseeb Hassan and stars talk of the town, Bilal Abbas Khan, Kubra Khan and the famous Usko Jaake Bol Wasim Aya Hai actor Gohar Rasheed, along with Saleem Mairaj and Iffat Umer.

The film revolves around the story of a little boy who belongs to a fisherman’s house. The boy dreams of becoming a successful man and doesn’t run after money, unlike his brother. It then moves towards the boy wanting to become a Navy man and how he does eventually become one.

What makes Laal a smooth sailing

Laal has a story which is a blend of patriotism, love and social ills of our society. The chemistry between Bilal and Kubra is unlike ever created before. The nok-jhok and the bachpan ka pyar but no izhaar keep the audience in awe, throughout the second half of the film.

What we absolutely loved about the film was the simple story which managed to keep us thrilled through and through. Moreover, catching Bilal as a handsome navy man had all of us going gaga over him. I never knew we could feel that way after his role in Cheekh.

As for, Gohar Rasheed, the actor never fails to do justice to his negative roles. From his dialogue delivery to his acting, everything was on point. Kubra, on the other hand, has always managed to grab roles that are unlike typical desi girls (we don’t believe in stereotypes but you know what we mean, right?) Laal is no exception. Kubra portrays an outspoken girl, in the film, who falls hard for a Navy man, rather unapologetically.

Having enumerated all the good aspects, we just want to fleetingly mention that the film lacked smooth transitions between a few scenes; the scene changes were a little too abrupt. Despite all of that, however, the telefilm was definitely a treat to watch, this Pakistan Day.


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