Has the Pakistani entertainment industry lost its sense of humor?

Pakistani entertainment industry

The Pakistani film and drama industry is best known for the stereotypical content it produces, with the damsel in distress scenarios, family feuds, and bad romances. Luckily, the industry has now started expanding its horizon, by adding diverse genres such as action, crime, and horror to its list. Not only has our content gotten better with time, it is now being recognized and appreciated across the globe as well. While we continue to progress in other genres, it is comedy where we have started to lag behind.

Considering the drama industry, we still remember the comedy serials from old times. Not only did they have good jokes that people enjoyed, they also had a good storyline that made one anticipate the next episode.

Blast from the past

One such serial that surely everyone would remember was Aazar Ki Ayegi Baraat. Immensely enjoyed by the audience, the serial had such high ratings that it became a whole series and was then followed by three more seasons. Another highly appreciated comedy serial was Bulbulay, but what started off with a bang, has now become a drag. The serial seems to have lost its humor, with the jokes becoming wearisome and tiringly repetitive. 

Another example would be Kis Din Mera Viyah Howega. While the serial was fun in the beginning, it made its way towards a downward turmoil, with repeated jokes, and the same torturous storyline.

So has our industry lost its sense of humor?

This seems to be the case with almost all the comedy serials being produced nowadays. Already being low in number, the jokes being portrayed as humorous, seem rather bland and flimsy. Our drama industry seems to have lost its comic aspect. Talking about our comedy movies, although high in number, they aren’t all high on good comedy. The jokes are either very badly portrayed or the movies don’t have a solid storyline.

One such recent example is the sequel of Na Maloom Afraad. Although the original movie was high on content, the sequel, left much to be desired thanks to lazy writing. Another film that could have been something else is Lahore Se Aagay, which though did well at the box office but owing to a weak main storyline, the film which had humorous dialogues and amusing situations did not entirely come out like the shining star it could have. 

What our industry needs to do, is bring out fresh ideas when it comes to comedy serials and movies. Comedies are liked by audiences of all ages, thus they have a larger following. Bringing good content to our screens when it comes to comedy, seems to have become a ludicrous task for our producers and directors. Our entertainment industry needs to step out of the cliché stories and invent something new and original filled with humor.