We really need to talk about Noori and Bhola’s chemistry in ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi portrays the many aspects of life in the most intriguing way possible. The three main leads of the drama; Iqra Aziz, Syed Jibran and Imran Ashraf all see life from a different perspective.

Some background on the story

Noori (Iqra Aziz), a street sweeper’s daughter, falls in love with Sahir (Syed Jibran) who is a local shop owner. A determined, hardworking girl, Noori works in a garment factory whilst dreaming of a future for herself and Sahir. While Sahir gets caught up in a mess due to a theft at his shop and lands himself in jail, Noori tries everything possible to bail him out. Although Sahir promised Noori that he would marry her, he has a change of heart and flees the country when he is freed from jail. This leaves Noori devastated and heartbroken.

Noori’s guardian, Amma Jannate, who had already warned her of the damage her decision would cause her life, decides to get Noori married off to Bhola. Noori, behest of the man she would marry, agrees to Amma Jannate’s wishes. Bhola (Imran Ashraf) is shown to be a mentally challenged man who falls in love with Noori at first sight. Clearly, Noori is shocked and upset and does not reciprocate his feelings. Noori and Bhola are also shown to have met before on a few occasions, but the change in the dynamics of the relationship leaves Noori in distress.

Noori & Bhola’s Chemistry

Pairing opposite each other for the second time, these talented individuals prove their mettle in every scene. While Noori upholds their relationship as mere friendship, Bhola is smitten by her beauty and caring nature, assuming he is in love with her. Indebted to Amma Janate, Noori leads her life as a sughar bahu and caring wife, yet not willing of a physical relationship with Bhola.

Adhering to her promise to Amma Janate, Noori’s small acts of kindness towards Bhola leave us gushing towards the couple. The way she tells him off due to his childish antics and then cheekily smiles when he gets upset, puts her hand on his cheeks and tells him she cares for him, while he blushes and tells her he finds her very pretty make us want to go awww. Bhola addresses his wife as Dulhan while Noori shows respect towards him by using words like “suniye Bholay jee.”  

The couple share a love-hate relationship due to Noori still being in love with Sahir, not known to Bhola. Another cause of her demure and timid nature towards Bhola is due to his mental health. Noori’s  transition from a fun loving wife to that of an agitated girl is worth a watch. Bhola’s mischievous ways of expressing love to Noori mostly leave her recalling her relationship with Sahir.

The sorrow in her eyes and anguish on her face perfectly encapsulate the suffering she has gone through. While the small ups and downs continue, Things take a turn for the worse when Bhola due to his friends brainwashing him and an overdose of medication, sexually assaults Noori. The intensity and emotions between the two characters in this scene have been shown in the most impressive manner possible. The overdose causes him to act vulnerable towards Noori. He grabs her arm and looks at her with rage. The swap of both characters personalities from an innocent man to an enraged one and confident girl to a scared one; shocks viewers to the core.

The aftermath of the incident leaves Noori distraught and in utter disbelief. Spellbound for his love for Noori, Bhola tries to apologise to her at every chance he can get. Disturbed by the happenings, Noori avoids Bhola and his advances of reconciliation.

Sahir & Noori’s reunion

Noori’s former lover, Sahir also makes a re-entry in her life, which leaves Noori even more confused and disturbed. While Syed Jibran’s character Sahir has a charm of his own, it is Iqra and Imran who breathe life into Noori and Bhola’s unconventional relationship with their impeccable acting skills and leave the audience wanting for more.

Despite the fact that the relationship went haywire due to Bhola’s behaviour, we are yet to get a reaction out of Noori.

Will she return to her ex-lover or would she forgive and mend her relationship with Bhola?

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