Here’s why we need to talk about Geeti & Nafeesa’s unique bond in ‘Do Bol’

While all the dramas being aired nowadays portray many different genres, Do Bol has people glued to the screens despite its stereotypical story.

Background Story

The story revolves around Geeti (Hira Salman), the only child of Iqbal (Mehmood Aslam). Iqbal’s first wife & Geeti’s mother, Jahan Ara had left him and his daughter which turns Iqbal’s behaviour hostile towards his own daughter. Due to his bitter nature, Geeti shares a strained relationship with her father. Iqbal remarries, shortly after his divorce, to Nafeesa (Zainab Qayoom). Despite being a stepmother to Geeti and fully aware of the fact that she can not bear a child, Nafeesa loves and cares for her like her own daughter.

At the same time, Iqbal’s manager & personal assistant, Badar (Affan Waheed) is shown to be secretly in love with Geeti.

Geeti & Nafeesa’s unique bond

While the storyline of the drama mainly focuses on Geeti & Badar’s relationship, the bond between Geeti & her stepmother, Nafeesa is what intrigued me the most. It was so refreshing to see such kind of an attachment between a step mother & daughter.

Due to her father’s attitude, Geeti’s nature becomes rebellious and outspoken. Her only voice of reason in the whole household is Nafeesa. On the other hand, when Geeti asks her step mother about Jahan Ara, Nafeesa speaks about Jahan Ara with a lot of regard which makes one wonder why her husband and in laws share a different perspective.

Nafeesa’s love for Geeti is heartwarming especially when Geeti addresses her as the world’s best stepmother, Nafeesa corrects her by saying she is Geeti’s mother. Iqbal believes Geeti has all the luxuries in the world but time and again, Nafeesa reminds Iqbal that worldly possessions don’t matter as a daughter is missing her father’s love. The way Nafeesa protects Geeti from her father’s anger, taunts and covering up for her mistakes is only something a real mother does.

The story progresses and Geeti is married off to Badar due to unforeseen circumstances. Geeti and Nafeesa do everything in their power to stop this marriage but their efforts go in vain. The unfair decision by Iqbal leaves both Geeti and Nafeesa devastated as a beautiful bond between them is broken. The whole household becomes aloof to Geeti apart from Nafeesa who cries day and night for Geeti’s well being.

All in all, this portrayal of a stepmother and daughter is a delight to watch and it would be interesting to see how things shape up between the two as the story unfolds.


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