We need to talk about the phenomenon that Imran Ashraf is, in ‘Inkaar’

With the first two episodes, being dry and rather stereotypical, Inkaar didn’t seem to get much attention. Directed by Kashif Nisar, the serial didn’t seem to be able to live up to the audience’s expectations, despite having a star-studded cast including Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, and Imran Ashraf. But as the serial has picked up the pace, it is surprisingly becoming everyone’s favorite.

The story revolves around Hajra (Yumna Zaidi), a socially active and confident girl, who suddenly becomes subdued and quiet. Shayan (Sami Khan) was Hajra’s colleague at the university who liked her but never confronted her with his feelings. After a few years, Shayan reveals his feelings, and also sends a marriage proposal to Hajra’s house, which she does accept after turning it down a few times.

The phenomenon that Imran Ashraf is

While Shayan and Hajra are played by exceptional actors, what piqued the audience’s interest was Rehaan Chaudhary played by Imran Ashraf. Lately, Imran Ashraf has been the talk of the town with his recent role in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi as “Bhola”. One of the most difficult roles to pull off, Imran did it rather exceptionally that made the audience laugh and cry with Bhola. While Imran won everyone’s hearts with Bhola, his character as Rehaan has made everybody hate him with the same intensity.

Rehaan Chaudhry is seen as the son of an influential political leader, who gets his way by using his status power. Seen as a full-of-himself-stud, Rehaan expresses his likeness towards Hajra, which she politely turns down. Trying to woo her, Rehaan uses every possible tactic from sending her expensive gifts, helping her father in his job and using his influential status to help Hajra get her deserved grades from a teacher who tries to harass her.

What caught the audience’s attention was Rehaan’s powerful aura, which oozed mystery and charm. Though this is not Imran’s first negative role, this is surely the one that is making people love and hate him at the same time. The way he charms Hajra is the kind every girl would swoon over, and on the contrary, the way he tries to take advantage of her makes him any girl’s worst nightmare.

Pulling Hajra into his web with his tactful charm, and then trying to take advantage of her when she is totally stupefied by it, has made the audience hate Rehaan Chaudhry with all their might. Imran Ashraf needs to be praised for the diversity and versatility that he so flawlessly handles. One of the brightest stars of our entertainment industry right now, this guy deserves all the praise he is getting and much much more. Maybe our movie directors should start casting him to make their movies work? Now there’s a thought.  


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