The curious case of Meera Jee’s ‘Sohni MahiWal’

Meera Jee is the queen of our hearts, always has been and will continue to be one, as long as we live. She is unapologetically herself and that’s exactly what we love the most about her. Having said that, sometimes Meera Jee says and does things that make absolutely no sense but that doesn’t reduce our love for her. They, however, need to be brought to the forefront because hey, we are a film blog and we just have to report on all things Meera Jee (read Lollywood).

Less than a week back, something happened. Our beloved Meera Jee shared a poster of Sohni MahiWal on her Instagram. Everyone was stunned because hello, the movie came out of nowhere. According to the poster, the movie was supposed to come out today (which is weird, we know and what’s even weirder is that it didn’t even come out today).

Imagine this; a star announces the arrival of their movie just 5ish days before its release, takes no part in its promotions – there weren’t any promotions, to begin with – deletes the arrival post from their social media just when the movie is about to release and kinda sorta also disappears, how does that even work?!?

Mehnaz Moammar Rana and Meera Jee’s take on the issue

Anyway, after we shared a piece announcing Sohi MahiWal’s release, last night, we were contacted by Moammar Rana’s wife – Mehnaz Pervaiz – (he is starring opposite Meera Jee in the same film) and she revealed the following: “The film was shot 15 years ago and then it was shelved because the producers did not have money to pay the stars. Please be aware of them as it looks like they want cheap publicity. The prints are held until he pays the remaining amount.”

We also contacted Meera Jee and found out that she is currently in Dubai. It was told that the whole cast including herself, Moammar Rana, etc. and people behind the film will sit down sometime this week to decide what to do about it. As we said yesterday, we won’t believe anything until we actually see it in the cinemas (and we still stand by it). Regardless, let’s keep our fingers crossed because hey, why wouldn’t we want another Meera film, that too from 15 years ago. Let’s wait and see how the situation unfolds.