Looks like a sequel to ‘Teefa in Trouble’ may just be around the corner

Yes, you read that right!

Pakistan’s biggest non-holiday grosser of all times, Teefa In Trouble, is getting a sequel. The multi-talented Ali Zafar has recently announced the sequel to the same, in what came as a rather surprising move.

Teefa in Trouble hitting the 50 crore mark

Just a few days back, we reported on Teefa hitting the 50 crore mark.

Teefa in Trouble, during its original run, collected a total of 34.5 crores locally and 14 crores from the overseas, taking its total to 48.5 crores approximately.

Since the ban on Indian content, that was imposed in February, many local films were brought back in the cinemas; Teefa being one of them. On March 31, Ali Zafar announced on his social media accounts that the film has amassed a total of 50 crores worldwide on the revived run. This shows that the film, despite releasing online, could still add 2.5 crores more to its tally.

Teefa in Trouble 2 in the works

As for the sequel, it all happened at a star-studded event by IFLIX, to celebrate the success of Teefa in Trouble, at a café in Karachi. A large number of celebrities including Humayun Saeed, Fiza Ali Meerza, Nabeel Qureshi, Shehzad Sheikh, Yasir Nawaz, Sonya Hussain, Nadeem Mandviwalla, along with many others, attended the event.

Ali Zafar, while talking at the event, asked his best friend and director Ahsan Rahim, “Let’s do Teefa in Trouble 2?”, to which Ahsan responded, “Yes Ali, let’s do it.”

While many thought the announcement may just be a suggestion and nothing substantial, we got in touch with Ali Zafar and his team ourselves to see if there is any truth to it. 

Ali Zafar confirmed the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster to be in works. To put it in his own words, “With all the love and accolades showered upon us with this venture, I deem it unfair to keep the fans waiting too long for Teefa to come back to the big screen. I think it is time for some more ass kicking!”

Moreover, Ahsan Rahim, the man behind the film, said the following at the same event, “Ali just couldn’t stop himself from sharing this, we have been discussing a sequel but now that he’s announced it, he’ll have to write it!”

Have we been getting clues all along?

Industry insiders and diehard fans of Teefa have always been hopeful of a possible sequel to the same. The end credits of the film were followed by a scene (not seen by many) where Nayyar Ijaz’s character is shown to kill an annoying mosquito in a revengeful way. It was only a matter of time that the sequel’s news was made official and with Ali doing that in the excitement of the moment at the IFLIX event, our wishes already seem to be granted.

Moving on, Ali Zafar, in one of his interviews, had also stated that his next film may be in cinemas by 2020 and we predict that Teefa in Trouble 2 may be just that film.

Teefa in Trouble despite having released in adverse circumstances – election week and non-Eid holiday weekend – became Pakistan’s first non-holiday film that completed the 50 crore run. It was also the first non-Indian film that was distributed internationally by the Prestigious Yash Raj Films. The film also holds the record of the highest number of hits on youtube for any Pakistani film, with almost 33 million collective hits on its songs.

We wish the best of luck to Ali Zafar and his team, let’s wait and see how the situation unfolds. 

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