Upcoming film ‘Junoon-e-Ishq’ promises a heavy dose of old school Lollywood

Loud characters uttering even louder dialogues, voluptuous ladies sporting flashy dresses and gaudy makeups, the good guys fighting the ultimate baddies; all this peppered with some jhakkas dance moves choreographed by the dance maestro of the 90s, Pappu Samrat, with a heavy dose of clichés. If all or some of it intrigues you, the upcoming film Junoon-e-Ishq is something you should be looking out for. 

The film’s trailer was recently shared and although it has gotten rather negative reviews on social media, it is imperative to note that the film is aimed at a niche. Junoon-e-Ishq appears to be a basic low budget affair, employing the cast and crew from the Lahore based film industry that aims to foray into Urdu cinema and eventually into today’s mainstream cinema. It is directed by Naseem Haider Shah.

A rather heavy dose of all things old school Lollywood

For the fans of the new-age cinema, this film is basically your introduction to how the Lahore based cinema (most of it) used to be in the 90s.

From the trailer and the crew behind the project, it seems rather obvious that it is your typical 12 masala flick which follows the template of a basic mass entertainer of yester year’s cinema

It stars Adnan Khan, a rather familiar face of the local cinema; who starred in Saima Noor’s Salute and debuted in a hit Punjabi flick called Mohabbatan Sachiyan opposite the Paris Hilton of Pakistan – Miss Veena Malik. The acclaimed actor Amir Qureshi (7DMI, and the recently released Project Ghazi) is playing the main antagonist while newcomer Mahi Khan is playing the love interest of the leading men.

Although the mainstream cine-goers will definitely not be interested in what the film is offering, its dialogues, fight sequences, music, and pretty much everything, however, seem to aim at entertaining a niche audience and honestly, we don’t think there is anything wrong with that. The film also features a track from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and maybe that’s something that the mainstream cine-goers can find relatable.

Junoon-e-Ishq is releasing in cinemas nationwide this Friday, on the 12th of April. Catch the film in your nearest (selected) cinemas if you want a dose of the now forgotten 90s ka Lollywood.

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