“Meesha cannot become Malala by lying and running away from justice,” says Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar Meesha Shafi harassment

Seems like the infamous Ali-Meesha controversy is here to stay for at least the next few months. The controversy has been haunting the industry for a while now and with the recent LSA episode, the attention it is receiving has only increased.

While Meesha and her supporters have been rather vocal about it, Ali has stayed rather mum about all the brouhaha. The latter, however, choose to speak to media just today outside a courtroom in Lahore, in which he pretty much spoke his heart out regarding his version of the story.

Ali’s version of the story 

According to Ali, “To tolerate cruelty is a bigger sin than inflicting it.” He further claimed that he came to court today on his own and not because the court called him. He went on to say that he was telling the truth and a truthful person like him would always come to the court. He also mentioned,” whoever doesn’t show up, we can only assume what they are (guilty).”

“A campaign was running against me on social media based on lies through fake accounts, we’ve complained to FIA to investigate it as it falls under cyber crime and bullying. I’m saddened by the fact that her allies and even one of her lawyers is following these fake accounts and endorsing them. I’m stunned, it’s been an eye-opener, how can someone do this to a decent, innocent man who for 20 years has been spreading love through his art? Can just anyone tomorrow wake up and decide to settle personal scores through an accusation on social media? While she herself leaves for Canada (amidst this),” continued Ali. 

Moreover, Ali went on to say that the “facts in front of us manifest that it was done according to a proper plan to target me for personal gains, whether she did this for international recognition or because she wants to be a Malala, I don’t know.”

“It’s been over a year, I’ve filed a defamation case. Meesha’s case has been dismissed, in the eyes of the law, I’m already innocent. This is a very important fact, her appeal has also been dismissed. My case is for the psychological and financial damages she’s incurred to me and my family. Our witnesses have come to the court eight times but they use delaying tactics to prolong the case. I appeal to our courts to give a judgment as soon as possible so that the world knows my truth and her lies. I’m thankful that the process has started today, her lawyer has started cross-examination. I request Meesha and her witnesses to come to the court and face the court,” Ali further said. 

Zafar, later in a tweet, cleared the air about mentioning Malala in his statement by saying that the lady was a true warrior who fought for justice and truth and that Meesha can’t become her by running away to Canada and hiding behind fake profiles.

Here are Ali’s tweets, for y’all!

And this:


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